Monday, February 15, 2010

My Novella's Release Date!

Here it is:  Black Festival.  20,000+ words of Swords & Sorcery to dig into.  :)

Available February 17 from Noble Knight Games (link above).  If you wish to receive an email update when this is released, just go to NKG and subscribe to their mailing list, simple as that.

Additional Update (This is being emailed to PPP Customers & Fans)

"Pied Piper Publishing and Noble Knight Games are pleased to announce the availability of Mr. Kuntz's first published novella - Black Festival!  Black Festival is a 36 page"chapbook" available for the low price of only $9.95. It tells the tale of the Barbarian Frank, Wolfar, who dominates this novella of 20,000+ words along with his off-and-on companion the rogue, Thekela.  It is written in the style of Gardner Fox's and REH's Kyrik and Conan tales. It also includes several full page interior acrylic illustrations by Eric Bergeron.

To make the release of this product even more special and to reward our most devoted supporters, preorders will receive one of the following:

This product is a 1st printing, limited edition of only 150, signed and numbered by Mr. Robert Kuntz.  Aaron Leeder, owner of Noble Knight Games, has witnessed the signing in house here at our location in Janesville, WI. The first 20 copies are signed in red ink with the remaining 130 signed in black. 

Mr. Kuntz has also generously offered to include in the mix five AUTHOR copies!  These author copies are part of a limited edition of only 15 (fifteen), all hand signed and numbered in gold ink and featuring the official Lord of the Green Dragons seal!!  Past author copies of PPP products have commanded over $100, each, and have never before been generally available!


In the past PPP products have been available first come, first served. With this product we are trying a new way of disbursing the orders, a drawing (held in house) will decide the lucky winners of the earliest numbered copies and the 5 very special author copies!  In order to be eligible, you must order on the first day of preorder availability, Wednesday, February 17th, from 12pm to 12am CST.  The product will then ship out Thursday, February 18th. If you're wondering why we are doing it this way, this gives everyone preordering an equal shot at getting the earliest most collectible numbers, and a shot at one of the 5 author copies, and prevents one person from gobbling up the first 5 issues at once.  Also, some like to combine other items with the purchase to minimize their shipping costs. This isn't possible when "racing" to checkout.  We will assume that everyone ordering would like an authors copy or the earliest remaining number possible, depending on the number they draw.  All the authors copies and the lowest #'s will be mailed out to preorders! We will notify anyone preordering of the number(s) they will receive.

At any rate, you're guaranteed a copy of the limited edition 1st printing and a great afternoon read!!!! :)

You can preorder more then 1 copy if you wish to receive additional entries, limit 5 copies per order.

Dungeon Set #1 - Levels 1-6 $9.95
Dungeon Set #2 - Levels 7-12 $9.95
El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury $21.95
Fan Appreciation Pack #2 $41.95
Daemonic & Arcane $9.95
Tower of Blood (2nd Printing) $14.95
Stalk, The (Ziplock) $10.95
Stalk, The (Limited Collector's Edition) $11.95
Bottle City (Limited Collector's Edition) $17.95
Cairn of the Skeleton King (2nd Printing) $29.95 *extremely limited supply on hand"

If there are any questions please email me:


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

G' Morning Journalizer! :)

Timeshadows said...

And the autographed copies are how much? :D

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

Hi Time Shadows. Always good to see you about considering how much demanding design work you are doing recently. :)

Every chapbook is autographed. I have updated the entry with additional information that will be mailed out by NKG.

Timeshadows said...

Rob, I am just now coming back from lunch and watching recorded Current TV programmes, and am updating my read-through of my blogroll.
--I've always got time to read LotGD. :D

Thanks for the expanded coverage re: The Black Festival.

Back to work for me. :)

Delve said...

Count me in!, I'm looking forward to reading your book Mr. Kuntz. What projects are you working on to release next?.

bubbagump said...

"It tells the tale of the Barbarian Frank..."

I almost hurt myself over this line. The first time I read it I thought it said, "It tells the tale of the barbarian (whose name is) Frank!"

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

Bubba: Hah! Better than a frank Barbarian...

I see what you mean, but your mind must have added the comma...

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

DELVE: Thanks for the enthusiasm. :)

And a very detailed update is in progress to inform everyone where we stand with our publishing schedule (which I keep intentionally malleable for creativity sake), this forthcoming after the release of Black Festival.

Sincere thanks:)

JediOre said...


Sorry I've been away, my Masters program is keeping me all to busy.

I ordered a copy today from Noble Knights. I think this will go on the top of my "to read" list once I've completed my thesis this summer!

Take care,

JediOre "L"

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

Hey Jedi! Kick butt with the Masters, buddy. And thanks for the thumbs up again! :)

Delve said...

I just found what I believe to be your first Drystaff story published. "The Quest for the Vermillion Volume" from The Strategic Review 1976. It reminded me a bit of disc world, with the humor and odd forms of magic *the coin op cystal ball*. Are the later stories written with the same style in mind?. Also at the end a rotund fellow takes the book and wanders off named RST or was that a hint at the new TSR brand?

Lord Ghul said...

Ordered from NK 5 minutes ago. :)

--Jeff T.

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

@Lord Ghul: Thank you Jeff. It's a rousing good tale which I hope you enjoy!

Lord of the Green Dragons said...

Reposted due to "Just waking up" syndrome, which mashed the original post with bad writing.

@Delve: You are the persistent historian, Delve. :) Yes. That was the very first story, but thereafter my realization and history of Drystaff took firmer shape and the writing is stripped of the lampooning (I was poking fun at SPI and the Avalon Hill Game company therein for telling EGG and Arneson initially that the D&D game would never sell, thus their rejection of it, which in turn spurred TSR to be formed and to publish the beast, as we know). The three proceeding stories: "Drystaff and the Pot o' Gold (1977)," "Drystaff the Mercenary" (1985), "The Significs of Harewood" (1988) and the novel, "The Twelve Labors of Drystaff" (1989), equate better to Vance's "Eyes of the Overworld" and his Cugel the Clever. I will in fact be dedicating the novel to Jack Vance. Gary Gygax read and enjoyed the first two Drystaff stories. I'll post a snippet or two from each of the stories and the 1st chapter of the novel can be downloaded here:

JediOre said...

Noble Knight sent me an e-mail today saying the book is on its way!

Rob, I'm looking forward to seeing this. As I mentioned earlier, it will most likely be a few months before I read it. But I'll give you my two cents on it after I've read the story!

Good evening all,


JediOre said...

Well, my copy arrived.

I must say, I was expecting a paperback novel sized work. A module-sized work (8 1/2 x 11) surprised me. Looks like I got copy #53.

I've read the blurb on the back, and I am very interested in reading this. Am I correct that the story is set in the Early Medieval Ages, aka the Dark Ages?


Lord of the Green Dragons said...

@ Jedi Ore: Glad you got it so quickly! :) Yes. It is a chapbook size (but with more expensive 32# paper not 24# paper) as noted on the cover. The Drystaff stories will be perfect bound, 6 x 9 with a laminated color cover and are weighing in at 60 pages.

Yes. The story takes place after the passing of Charlamagne.

JediOre said...


The history of Charlemagne is grand!

grodog said...

My books arrived yesterday. Thanks Rob! :D


bubbagump said...

I got mine! Much appreciated, Rob. I look forward to the next one!