Monday, April 20, 2009

Anima Mundi

The distillation of wonder is always before us as gamers and as game designers, and is no where more prevalent than in life itself, where from all of our imagination springs, but a mirrored reflection which we try to express time and time again.

This cannot be accurately expressed or portrayed through the simple overlay of images and numbers, but only through the derivation of feeling as we attempt to immerse ourselves in these impossible and unyielding moments, timeless in their exercise, unending in their passion.

Enjoy the wonder of life, the ultimate fantasy.


Heruka said...

Great find - a reconnective draught of the cool clear water of life... Baraka, the various Kyonasqaatsi films, certain others get close to this (for example, do you know the Korean film 'Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter'?)

Ahh. Coming back to life. Away from the drive to totalising abstraction, all is very well.

Benoist said...

As a major in Biology, I can only concur. One only needs to look at life to find its wonders. And not only the examples featured in Anima Mundi (nice pun on the title, by the way), but also in our own lives.

The first look on feline eyes made me think of my own partner, soul friend, my dog, Buster. His eyes are an infinite source of inspiration if one looks hard enough. Our own eyes. Yours, mine.

Fantasy just takes these sensations, feelings, truths and reinterprets them in the context of different refenrentials.