Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Been Busy

I apologize to the followers here for my recent absence. With company business, writing, my daughter's recent college graduation, my upcoming trip to Texas and preparations for that, I have been in a word swamped.

I will no doubt get back on track after my return from Texas. I encourage authors here to post when they can. I am also thinking of making the blog open to all. The main point being: professional acumen. I have no reserve at all for deleting posts that are inflammatory or derisive of others here. Opinions about eventually doing this--opening comments for all--would bve appreciated by the current authors.

Enjoy our great weather.

Rob Kuntz

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

D&D Archival and Paper Collections

I need your help. I need to locate archival collections related to Dungeons and Dragons, or perhaps papers donated by individuals involved with the game (in any era). Does anyone know if Gygax, Arneson, or others, donated their personal papers to a local, state, or university archive? I am aware that R.A. Salvatore donated his papers to Fitchburg State College (MA), but I need to find additional collections. WotC must have a corporate archive too, I'm guessing. Our initial database searches haven't turned up much. I thought perhaps a call within the LotGD community might bear more fruit. Thank you in advance.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

PPP @ North Texas RPG Con: 5-7 June, 2009 (DFW area)

Rob Kuntz and Allan Grohe will be appearing at the first annual North Texas RPG Convention, in Bedford, TX (between Dallas and Fort Worth), on Friday 5 June through Sunday 7 June.

Rob will be running two events for 1st-2nd level PCs, on both Friday and Saturday nights. Allan will be running one event on Saturday morning for 7th to 8th level PCs.

Convention details and event registration are available at http://ntrpgcon.com/ (convention admission is free).