Saturday, May 2, 2009

PPP @ North Texas RPG Con: 5-7 June, 2009 (DFW area)

Rob Kuntz and Allan Grohe will be appearing at the first annual North Texas RPG Convention, in Bedford, TX (between Dallas and Fort Worth), on Friday 5 June through Sunday 7 June.

Rob will be running two events for 1st-2nd level PCs, on both Friday and Saturday nights. Allan will be running one event on Saturday morning for 7th to 8th level PCs.

Convention details and event registration are available at (convention admission is free).


Rob Kuntz said...

Where are we going?


Just a note: I believe it will be best to start players at the 2nd level, now that I've looked at my encounter notes again.

Thinking caps will not be provided at the door....

ATOM said...

Wish I was going, It looks like great fun.
(I'm saving for Gencon 2010)Enjoy yourselves guys!