Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cimmerian's Blog...

...Here, has a pretty straightforward and extensive account of the 2nd party's adventure into my Castle El Raja Key at NTRPGCon, and some other tidbits on the con as well.

Herb Alpert and the...?

I am a strange bird sometimes. A few weeks back I was listening to Herb Alpert's "Rise" from his "Definitive Hits" CD (but here is the YT link) and I got this silly inspiration to have him drawn raising the dead with his music. Yeah. So I handed it off to ATOM and now here it is. Bloody well done, ATOM, old chap! Yeah, like I said, sometimes I am strange, but it did inspire me on another blog entry I will be making soon.

Drystaff Short Stories Update

Our editor, Dave Coalter, has finished editing my three Drystaff short stories which precede the novel, "The Twelve Labors of Drystaff." Eric Bergeron will be doing the front cover and inside art for this work. Dave now gets the remaining shorts I have, which include, "A Necromancer's 'Tale'"," "Acceptance," "The Jungle Temple," "People Die all the Time," and "Archeology 101," with the last two being straight SF.

Be on the look out for these shorter works in the near future.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Various Jottings & Updates

I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger with an itch...
And it's so blazing hot here in Racine, yarrgh. I need a cone of cold cast on me, or a cold shower.

Yesmar, the Royal Cartographer, just finished the map for DHALT from a rough I provided; we are moving onto the GH Levels give-and-take exchange on Monday; I updated the number of copies of CAS1 available (10); I wish to thank the folks who have been purchasing my special items, as that helps fund the many projects in the pipe-line, and I've added more to the list as well (doing this weekly, or thereabouts); I started drawing the ORCS LAIR map (in color, very large) in between writing breaks (I do about an hour a day on it). As mentioned it's very large and there are two such maps. Eric Bergeron, now fully recovered from his sickness, will have the art for Black Festival in a week. Starting Monday, I will be sending outlines and contracts to prospective writers and one other carographer. I have been trying to read a bit in between, but failing miserably.

I have been wanting to finish and post some more essays and columns on several interesting subjects, both historical and creative, but am finding less and less time to do so. Do I sound frenetic, yet? I hope so... So, if anyone has a subject to post, have at it. Please. :)

Stay cool!


Monday, June 22, 2009

So Many, Many...

As I sit here at Blake Avenue while sipping on a raspberry lemonade, it occurs to me just how much I have been doing. So, an update is in order, just so we all know, and so that I may keep track of it mentally as the lemonade sinks in.

We are sightly behind schedule to release many products, mostly due to our main artist, Eric Bergeron, being sick and in the hospital. He has recovered after a short stay and I've sent him well wishes, and he is now catching up on several pieces including the front cover and interior illustrations for my S&S novella, "Black Festival." It was recently edited by David Coalter and it is but awaiting the art to go to print.

Next, the reprint of "Tower of Blood," will coincide with the new releases. We expect to have around a hundred copies available.

And, the limited edition prints by Eric Bergeron, either separately or as a group of 3, all in color, only 200 of each being issued. Orcus, Merlynd, and Lord of the Green Dragons. The money generated from their sale will help fund those three projects, which are quite large or have more to them than the other LGC&C products.

And finally, DHALT. Atom finished the art (what a great ole chap, always spot on) and I finished the map, and am now frenetically tapping at the keyboard, crafting away.

In between there is always more, as in publishing one must stay ahead. Yesmar and I will be releasing a secret project very soon, he is also working on the Original Castle maps, and I have to issue projects to writers, cartographers and illustrators as it flows along... As well, my Drystaff short stories are now in the editing stage and I am thinking about finishing... Ah! The insanity of publishing...

Luckily it's Summer and there's lemonade... :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sorting Through The Entrants

I am now sorting through the entrants for writers. This should take 2-3 weeks as I am assigning projects along the way that I feel best meet each and every individual's strengths. NDA and WFH agreements will then be sent, or addresses requested for same, along with my contact information and an expanded outline/notes/maps which relate to each. A turn around time will be attached, as well.

I thank each and every person who took the time to answer my request and wish luck to those who
at this time we felt it wasn't a match for us.

Rob Kuntz

Garden Legend/Garn Map (Part 2 of 2)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Session in Castle El Raja Key

At NTRPGCon...

Garden of the Plantmaster Map (Colorized) Part 1

I redid this map in color in SUPERPAINT for the MAC for an online version of the adventure way back when... It's now freely available for those who own the adventure in either form (CUStats or 3rd Edition D&D through the Kenzer version) to use. The image is not to be cross-posted to other sites, although linking to this article is fine. Image © 1993, 2009. Robert J. Kuntz.
Legend and Garn map to follow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiration Via Photoshop (Part 5)

I Have about 20 more, but this should do. Images ©2009. RJ KUNTZ

Inspiration Via Photoshop (Part 4)

Images Copyright R. J. Kuntz, 2009.

Inspiration Via Photoshop (Part 3)

Images Copyright R. J. Kuntz, 2009

Inspiration Via Photoshop (Part 2)

Images Copyright R. J. Kuntz, 2009.

Two new old-school pieces.

Crossing the Slime Cave

Barbed Devil

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspiration Via Photoshop

I have played around with PS to create weird images over the years that I oftentimes derive inspiration from for writing/designing. Here's a few, all Copyright 2009, R. J. Kuntz.

(S4) Tourney Mod/WinterCon V

Does anyone have a clue (Allan?) who rendered this drawing back then?