Monday, June 22, 2009

So Many, Many...

As I sit here at Blake Avenue while sipping on a raspberry lemonade, it occurs to me just how much I have been doing. So, an update is in order, just so we all know, and so that I may keep track of it mentally as the lemonade sinks in.

We are sightly behind schedule to release many products, mostly due to our main artist, Eric Bergeron, being sick and in the hospital. He has recovered after a short stay and I've sent him well wishes, and he is now catching up on several pieces including the front cover and interior illustrations for my S&S novella, "Black Festival." It was recently edited by David Coalter and it is but awaiting the art to go to print.

Next, the reprint of "Tower of Blood," will coincide with the new releases. We expect to have around a hundred copies available.

And, the limited edition prints by Eric Bergeron, either separately or as a group of 3, all in color, only 200 of each being issued. Orcus, Merlynd, and Lord of the Green Dragons. The money generated from their sale will help fund those three projects, which are quite large or have more to them than the other LGC&C products.

And finally, DHALT. Atom finished the art (what a great ole chap, always spot on) and I finished the map, and am now frenetically tapping at the keyboard, crafting away.

In between there is always more, as in publishing one must stay ahead. Yesmar and I will be releasing a secret project very soon, he is also working on the Original Castle maps, and I have to issue projects to writers, cartographers and illustrators as it flows along... As well, my Drystaff short stories are now in the editing stage and I am thinking about finishing... Ah! The insanity of publishing...

Luckily it's Summer and there's lemonade... :)


ATOM said...

Raspberry lemonade eh! Thank's for the praise Rob.
I wish Eric a speedy recovery,
any news on how he is fairing?

Rob Kuntz said...

Yes, he's doing a lot better now, some sort of stomach virus which they thought was something more serious--he made his Con check..:)

And no problem on the compliments, ATOM, you deserve 'em! :)