Friday, June 12, 2009

Cairn of the Skeleton King 2nd Printing Available!

PPP has 60 copies of CAS1, Cairn of the Skeleton King available for order, first come first serve.

ALSO: I have listed some special items for sale here.


Tower of Blood (CAS2) should be available in 1-2 weeks.


rafael beltrame said...

great! thats very good news ;)

Rob Kuntz said...

Yes, indeed. And they are going quite fast. At the current pace, should take a week, maybe less, to move the entire run. :)

I am glad that folks who missed this are finally able to add it to their collections.

Rob Kuntz said...

UPDATE on remaining CAS1 copies:

In less than 24 hours we sold 40% of the reprint on these, so I expect 2/3
to be gone by the weeks end and the total to be gone before a week is passed. These are direct reprints, marked "2nd Printing. June 2009." on the title page.

Rob Kuntz said...

CAS1 Countdown: 28 copies remaining and going strong.