Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two new old-school pieces.

Crossing the Slime Cave

Barbed Devil


grodog said...

They're both great, but I particularly like the folks crossing the lava/water on the blocks!


Rob Kuntz said...

Yeah, the shadows are real cool.

BlUsKrEEm said...

I love That barbed Devil. ATOM has become one of my favorite artists in the industry in a very short time. I love his / her mix of creepy and cartoony. In my mind my last campaign was illustrated by ATOM (and used a few pieces from his gallery as visual aids for my player.) I'm hoping to find an Art of ATOM calendar some day.

ATOM said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I almost cross hatched myself into oblivion on that first illo, I love that hatching/shading efffect, but it takes ages to render. No wonder artists greyscale these days.I have gone back to traditional shading methods lately, I do love my inking.

Unknown said...

Wow - excellent work! I really like that you worked the lanterns into the first illustration. They're usually forgotten in Fantasy illustrations. :)

R. Lawrence Blake said...

Both illustrations are great. The first one sets a mood that makes me want to dungeon delve right now! Fantastic old-school flavor.

ATOM said...

Thanks again guys! So its a definate thumbs up for old style crosshatch shading. I have been studying this medium much of late. It definately gives the artist much scope for texturing, shading and portraying depth in an illustration.You can really get away with going really dark too, because of the textures.
I'm presently creating three more.