Tuesday, June 9, 2009


And there will be many more to come.

This was the best organized convention I have been to, thanks to Doug and Mike and crew. Everyone had a blast.

Lance Hawvermale's thief died a true 1st Edition death while playing in the first adventure into my Castle El Raja Key: missed his climb check while in a deep pit, a nearby PC (Jeff Imrie's spider-climbing mage) grabbed for him, missed, he fell while grabbing for two already secured ropes, missed those, and landed in a spider web in the depths below, where after a failed attempt to rescue him he was bitten by the giant spider inhabitant, paralyzed, and of course devoured at the spider's leisure... Lance was all smiles of course...

The second adventure Saturday evening was very chaotic to the point that the usually reserved Paul Jaquays finally took charge as the party leader, but not until after the mage played by Andrew? had tossed a dead body of a drow down a trap door where, "unbeknownst" to him, a fellow party member was climbing upwards at the time. Head almost through the hole, the priest was met by the hurled body and fell to his death with the drow body atop him. Not as exciting as Lance's PC's death, but pretty hilarious (and not caused by myself as the DM, heh).

The convention saw tours (as mentioned by Allan in his post) lots of raffles (Dragon #1 went to Brian Kawano) and Chris Finch won $300.00 and other prizes. The BBQ was also great, though the mage (Andrew) sprayed me with some pool water (I reminded him of this act as he was adventuring later that evening, heh...).

I will have some more commentary later, but all in all it was a great event with high energy, non-stop action and, as noted, very well organized. Highly recommended for those who have any qualms about attending next year, as this Con will grow fast.

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Pavinguire said...

Good times were had by all, thanks for coming down Rob!