Monday, June 15, 2009

And the Search Continues

I had several writers wanting to write for PPP, got assigned projects, and then... disappeared.

So. I am still in need of male or female designers who are:

1) Creative
2) Can meet deadlines
3) Can work with me over the phone, by email and coordinate on many upcoming projects
4) We have standard rates and above-standard

Contact me, I am home all day, working, working, working:


Rob Kuntz said...

Here's the team as of the moment:

Myself: Frenetic General
Allan Grohe: Production Mgr/Editor
Ramsey Dow: Development/Cartography
Benoist Poire: Cartography
Joe Bloch: Editing
"ATOM": Illustration
Zeorn Warlock: Illustration
Vince Fruge: Layout

We will be adding at least 3 writers,another editor and one more

Tony Law said...

I would very interested in being an editor. You can check my site ( on my About page for companies for whom I've previously edited. :)

IntrepidOtaku said...

I would be interested in writing. You can check out my blog on Dungeons and Dragons related articles and supplements at:

I would be very interested in working with all of you. Shoot me an e-mail at and i'll be in touch.

Rob Kuntz said...

Wow, Got a huge response from this.

I've now closed the request.

Thanks for all those that submitted samples, it will take me a good week to sift through them all and make proposals or give responses.