Friday, June 12, 2009

Dhalt: Lesser God from the Original Campaign

ATOM's excellent FC illustration for my upcoming work on "Dhalt", who EGG first experienced through the chapel he entered in my prelude adventure for him to WG5. I will be recapping EGG's adventure into the chapel as well as providing a short adventure and tons of detail surrounding this most mysterious god. The project is due to be released in 6 weeks. ATOM is also doing the interior illustrations. Good work, Andrew.


ATOM said...

Inking as I type! Glad you liked it.

Rob Kuntz said...

Now there's a multi-talented artist for you! Part of the coffee-crowd, no doubt.

I like your stuff a lot, ATOM. Can't wait until this project I have cooking on the Original Campaign Giants come to the front,then we'll be in contact over that, too. :)