Thursday, June 25, 2009

Various Jottings & Updates

I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger with an itch...
And it's so blazing hot here in Racine, yarrgh. I need a cone of cold cast on me, or a cold shower.

Yesmar, the Royal Cartographer, just finished the map for DHALT from a rough I provided; we are moving onto the GH Levels give-and-take exchange on Monday; I updated the number of copies of CAS1 available (10); I wish to thank the folks who have been purchasing my special items, as that helps fund the many projects in the pipe-line, and I've added more to the list as well (doing this weekly, or thereabouts); I started drawing the ORCS LAIR map (in color, very large) in between writing breaks (I do about an hour a day on it). As mentioned it's very large and there are two such maps. Eric Bergeron, now fully recovered from his sickness, will have the art for Black Festival in a week. Starting Monday, I will be sending outlines and contracts to prospective writers and one other carographer. I have been trying to read a bit in between, but failing miserably.

I have been wanting to finish and post some more essays and columns on several interesting subjects, both historical and creative, but am finding less and less time to do so. Do I sound frenetic, yet? I hope so... So, if anyone has a subject to post, have at it. Please. :)

Stay cool!


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