Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creative Stirrings

Some creative stirrings hither and yon:

1)  I have posted this link before, but cannot recommend enough the diversity of illustration and art contained at this blog.

2)  The Journalizer's blog "Journalize This" raises numerous avenues of thought, expression and dare I say "concern" with her recent post here.  Now what is that metallic ball that has a sponge-like substance within it?  Imaginative, inquiring minds want to know... among other things.

3)  RPG Theory Comprehensive Link.  Some interesting articles here which lead to this quote by jrients at the FORGE:  "Roleplaying reconnects us with our ancient need to sit in a circle and tell stories.  More and more, our culture surrenders our storytelling to an elite who deliver stories to us via TV/movies.  For most of humanity's history storytelling was an active endeavor, today it has become passive..."

Very good! I once commented during a video interview at GENCON that RP is a tribal event with the constant exchange of information, everyone gathered about the elder to hear not only stories, but to assimilate information that might not otherwise be gathered or retained.  It was/is entertainment and learning at once, which is the way education should be, so I feel.

Back to meine Arbeit.


scottsz said...

Many, many thanks for those links.

rafael beltrame said...

very nice links!

rob, the font used here is so small, i almost can read (sure the fact that i have eye problem could interfere here too, ehehe)

Rob Kuntz said...

Yeah, me too. I enlarged it and will keep it so. :)