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Re: Creative Stirrings. What is that metallic ball that has a sponge-like substance within it?

Spheres discussed on LotGD post called Creative Stirrings referring to JournalizeThis post The Problem with Science

The following is text from an article summarizing several accounts of Mystery Spheres Baffle Nasa:

A balanced and concentric ringed mystery spheroid

The riddle of the rotating spheres, that rotate completely, twice a year, on their own axis – "baffle NASA scientists"

Man and rock. Stones, which are billions of years old and rotate on their axes, while in a vibration free environment, captured the attention of Mr. John Hund of Pietersburg fifteen years ago. Review previously published reports about Hund's journey to the Gestoptesfontein mine near Ottosdal in the Northern Province where he found a stone just like the one he read about and saw in the Klerksdorp museum.

While playing with the stone on a very flat surface at a restaurant one day, Hund realized it was very well balanced. He took it to the California Space Institute at the University of California to have tests done to determine just how well balanced it was. "It turned out that the balance is so fine, it exceeded the limit of their measuring technology and these are the guys who make gyrocompasses for NASA.

The stone is balanced to within one-hundred thousandths of an inch from absolute perfection," explains Hund. Nobody knows what these stones are. One NASA scientist told Hund that they do not have the technology to create anything as finely balanced as this. He said the only way that either nature or human technology could create something so finely balanced would be in zero gravity.

Here is an extract of Mr. Hund's letter:

The existence of the sphere came to my attetion ca 1977 while removing endangered rock engravings from the site where pyrophyllite or "wonderstone", as it is commonly known in the region, is mined on the farm Gestoptefontein (meaning plugged fountain) near the little village of Ottosdal about 110 km from Klerksdorp in South Africa's Northwest Province.

I was intrigued by the form of the spheres, grooves around the middle and the fact that they are as hard as steel, while the material (pyrophyllite) in which they are found, is as soft as limestone with a count of only 3 on the Moh scale.

As you probably know, pyrophyllite (Al2 Si4 O10 (OH)2) is a secondary mineral and the deposits were formed by a process of sedimentation. On Gestoptefontein volcanic activity was responsible for the forming of outcrops varying in height from about 10 to 100 meters. The smooth and relatively soft surface on the slopes were ideal for the prehistoric dwellers (San) to make their engravings of animal and abstract designs.

On Gestoptefontein these outcrops were "swan" into huge pieces by means of twisted steel cables running zig-zag on pulleys for several kilometers. These blocks were then cut by the same method into more manageable pieces of about 500 x 500 mm. Occasionally the "sawing cable" got stuck on one of the metal spheres embedded in the pyrophyllite.

They vary in size from " 30 – 50 mm in diameter and have perfectly concentric grooves round the center as if they were molded. Inside the hard "shell" some have a spongy substance, while in others it resembles charcoal.

When only partly embedded so that they can be seen on the surface, they are not all spheres, but some are also oblong in form.

According to Professor Andries Bisschoff of the University of Potchefstroom (retired some years ago) they are limonite concretions. Due to the relative scarcity of the spheres and the almost impossibility for outsiders to obtain samples from the mine, his conclusions have not been verified by other scientists.

It is very strange that the grooves are always and only round the center. Mr. Credo Mutwa, a notorious witch doctor from the city of Soweto was brought to the museum by a TV – team some years ago and he as well as some amateur archaeologists believed the spheres to be from outer space. It is also hard for me to believe their theory. The original sphere exhibited in this museum was stolen by a white sangoma (witch – doctor) - not Mr. Mutwa, for its supposedly magic qualities and was never retrieved.

Inquiries were made from all over the world about this phenomenon. Countries include Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, England, USA, Norway, France and Botswana. Institutions such as the University of South Florida, Miles Price and Associates, the Society for Physic Advancement (S.A), Kokkolan Kaupunchi (Finland), Esotera (Germany) Geologisches Institut der Universiteit Pleicherwall (Germany), the Department of Philosophy UICC (Chicago), Danfoss (Denmark), Illustreret Videnskab (Coppenhagen), Louisiana Geological Survey, Gale Research Company (Michigan) and Search and Research Institute of Florida also made inquiries.

I wrote NASA HQ, to confirm or deny this in 2000, and never received a reply. Mr. Hund's letter was removed from the Klerksdorp Museum page, afterwards, when I checked back some time later, and the page re-designed.


Text from:
Mystery Spheres Baffle Nasa

Off the Record. Ted Loman interviews Micheal Cremo
Forbidden Archeology Secret Discoveries of Early Man
Govardhan Hill Publishing
Closest Natural Mineral to Compare With
The Metamorphic Conjecture of Origin
Manganese Oxide Considerations in Metamorphic Conjecture
Pyrite Nodules Resemblance in Metamorphic Conjecture
Images: Gallery of Mystery


Endymion said...

That's very thought-provoking, Journalizer. Thanks. I've often felt suspicious of the basic, circular assumption upon which scientific discourse is based: all that is exists is only what we can perceive. I've also observed in my own work that any academic discipline, necessarily institutionalized, inevitably becomes conservative. I think the "scientific community" can become especially so since they often see themselves under siege by the majority of Americans who don't actually believe in evolution (much to my astonishment). Evidence of human artifacts from 200 million years ago smacks of cavemen hunting dinosaurs (an image, I must confess, I find pretty laughable), something you might find in a creationist museum.

I also think that for all their vaunted objectivity, scientists are just as susceptible to ideological influence as the rest of us. Darwin outlined evolution in an era when capitalist ideals were firmly entrenching themselves in England -- to me, "survival of the fittest" sounds somewhat similar to the "invisible hand of the market" choosing who succeeds and who fails in business.

However, all that being said, I would have been more comfortable if Dr. Steen-Mcintyre understood the second law of thermodynamics a little better (although I admit I'm no expert on it). I really don't think Evolution contradicts it -- evolutionary forces depend on entropy and only create a slight increase in organization that is vastly outweighed by the chaos that "survival" entails. That doesn't mean the whole article is bunk, just that I'm suspicious of its claims.

Finally, the conservatism of academic institutions is sometimes a good thing. It means radically new ideas get rigorously tested before being accepted. This is no help to academics who have had ruined careers (which seems tragically wrong as presented in the article), but it does ensure that there is a steady march of truth. And this really does work. Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein, all were persecuted and called nuts -- until the academic community realized they spoke the truth. If people did exist 200 million years ago, if aliens seeded our planet with life, I naively believe that this truth will come out, but it may (and should) take a long time.

Timeshadows said...

Some Hindu beliefs suggest that time is cyclical and they have an interesting body of evidences, such as complex human-made items found inside solid stone extracted from deep within the earth, that ought to be examined as critically as creationist proposals.

I personally find the works of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval to be thought-provoking, although I admit to them being at best full hypothesis or thin theories from an empirical stand point, but I don't always believe my senses, especially in today's engineered media world. After all, soon, the MATRIX won't be so far-fetch an idea as it was when the film was first released.

Back to the spheres: 'Groovy' ;)
--There are really large, very round spheres in Costa Rica that no one has yet adequately explained the origin of, and I think there is much more that has been mythified and dismissed to human history than most are comfortable imagining, and in a much shorter span of time than most 'believe' through whatever source they look to for 'truth'.

Thank you, Rob. :)

Timeshadows said...

Rob Kuntz said...

Cool discussion. Thanks for posting this Journalizer!

TS: More great info.!

Blair said...

Though provoking? Scientific theories? Bah to all that...these things are inspiration fodder for D&D magic items! How many GP are these things worth anyways?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading my posts!
Thanks for the URL about the mysterious "apparently man-made balls," Timeshadows!

And Blair I agree! This is fuel for the imagination. There are so many mysteries out there and so we need to stay curious and expand our horizons to possibilities... no better way than with D&D magic!

I am glad Endymion is suspicious of science. The article is about questioning mainstream science and keeping an open mind. It is about the limitation of the current model based on the assumption that all that exists "is only what we can perceive."

In fact, Timeshadows, thanks for mentioning Hindu beliefs because many of those parallel Quantum physics-- which is another compelling theory.

There's something called "the aether" that is "the building blocks" for everything that exists. The aether vortex is propelled by an unknown force. It is the fundamental question that science cannot explain.

That is the stuff fantasy novels, movies, games... are made about: but it's true, reality. There will always be the mysterious and that is why I think an open mind, imagination and creativity are so important. After all, Albert Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
Just like the MATRIX (thnx Timeshadows)!

Rob Kuntz said...

I agree Blair, but then again, that's why they're thought provoking.

Now if we were to push the limit and bring them up to some level of engagement with Lovecraft's CoC, or even Timeshadow's world, or any world for that matter, we might put them in some greater context as well, rather than in starting and ending through summarizing them for their in game use only. The chase also involves the hunt in creating magic/strange tech, IMO, as it allows for the hidden facts to develop and root; and we indeed have many questions with these mysterious spheres which are only starting points.

scottsz said...

I don't know how useful this is, but anytime I see a 'mysterious round (fill in the blank)" I always think of one thing.


I'm not a mathematician or anything, but if something's really old and has lasted this long and it's very round... I'll ride the probabilities and start thinking that it's completely natural...

...but just as important because it might be evidence of as-yet-unstudied natural forces of frightening precision.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, scottsz! What are the possiblities...?
That's an interesting comparison with pearls. A very good example of natural made spheres. I had not thought of that.... and they are made by clams...

We need to keep an open mind and consider the possibility that these are due to some "natural forces of frightening precision."

The stories that could create!
Thanks for suggesting that.

E.G.Palmer said...

I think the preponderance of the evidence suggests that humans, homo sapiens or otherwise, have probably existed on earth for a very great deal longer than is commonly accepted at this point.

I've always been a collector of anything "Fortean" in nature, information wise.
Here's a couple more links to sites I find interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree that "the preponderance of the evidence suggests" something different from what's commonly accepted.

I love those sites.
I have never heard of Cryptozoology. I def. have to check out that site... and the others.

I use Baar (Edgar Cayce) products! I've had amazing results with their natural health care products.

Thanks so much for these sites!

scottsz said...

@EG: I'm with you. Science makes two big assumptions that always bothered me about our ancestors:

1. That they didn't know enough to avoid catastrophes by going very deep underground.

2. That evolution is only a one way trip. I serious doubt the 'fittest' survived every natural catastrophe.

Some day, some poor bastard will find himself a few miles down a hole, looking for oil, and find an entire civilization that stayed below instead of pridefully challenging the wrath of the Sun.

Rob Kuntz said...

Great "Playing" around here, folks! :)

here's another, only 30 miles from me, and it's live...

Rob Kuntz said...

their sitemap:

Timeshadows said...

Journalizer, I'm glad I found your blog. Thanks for all of this.

Agreed, Rob, 'nice play'. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Timeshadows! I like your blogs, too!

Thanks for the URLs, Rob.
I visited the first one and loved the quote from Bill Hicks under
Walk Your Own Path without Fear
Don't Fall into the "Sheeple Pit"

Which made me think of another great quote by Mr. Hicks:
"... all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."~ Bill Hicks

...Then I visited the second URL and listened for a while as I enjoyed all the great reading material-- Especially because Mary Sutherland is a "modern day Shaman."

Finally, I discovered the link to this youtube video that I think is fascinating: Holographic Universe (evidence of reality as an illusion-- like in the MATRIX!)

Later I am going to listen to:
The United Symbolism of America,
Deciphering Hidden Meanings in America's Most Familiar Art, Architecture and Logos.

Thanks to all for a great discussion about the mysterious world we share!

irbyz said...

> Though provoking? Scientific theories? Bah to all that...these things are inspiration fodder for D&D magic items! How many GP are these things worth anyways?

EPT Eyes > Klerksdorp Balls? ;)

Article; "Pre-Cambrian, dated 2.8 /millions/ of years" (tsk, tsk ^^) , anyhow :)

RPG campaigns can have fun with cryptids and conspiracy theories in general vs. the all-too-easy cookie-cutter fantasy, etc., IMHO.

> The chase also involves the hunt in creating magic/strange tech, IMO, as it allows for the hidden facts to develop and root; and we indeed have many questions with these mysterious spheres which are only starting points.

*nods*. Vancian and similar settings do help provide ample scope for such "mining" into hidden depths/(pre-)histories.

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi David. Nice "In depth" humor... ;)

Indeed, Vancian; then too, as I noted in an email to Journalizer, this is in the realm of Lovecraft most solidly and by furtherance is working towards H. Rider Haggard and his stories and then perhaps onto "root civilization" theories (Lemuria, and then by extension, CA Smith and Lin Carter) and the list goes on. I favor a "newer" model of a destroyed world (like Dying Earth), perhaps even Timeshadow's own world and then overlayed (have you done a pre-history as yet TS?), much like the history of many pagan temples (as in the case of The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus with its many built-on-top-of layers-- ). 'The more you dig, the deeper the "hole" of history "ascends"' scenario, much like this thread... ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice investigative work, irbyz!

Indeed, can a good story plot exist without conspiracy theories?

I think there is even an old RPG that parodies conspiracies and is set in a dystopian future. However, our thread's spheroid conspiracy is in the ancient past and perhaps "down a hole" we "find an entire civilization that stayed below instead of pridefully challenging the wrath of the Sun."

I like the world you created, irbyz!

Thanks for your imagination.... and for debunking ;)

irbyz said...

@Rob: *g*. Lovecraftian also in that these particular OOP artifacts provide us with rather less hard information than strange manuscripts in copper cylinders? ;)

Cosmic horror is often an "easy" drop-in to a RPG setting from the p.o.v. of not /needing/ to be informed by the mainstream of the PMP but including such elements in greater depth and ongoing influence requires a more considered balancing act as such nihilistic forces when unleashed are anathema more often than not to the degree of stability required within a long-term campaign world - or, at the very least, one niche/"bubble" therein, from which to sally forth. (You'll know that from experiences in early days, of course).

*nods* Good RL example to use but of course our history and pre-history only goes back so far. Hence, the Dying Earth model (or, in my case, Carter's inspiration therefrom for the longest running campaign world here) as a basis to allow the fantasy a degree of rationalisation(!) even whilst over-stepping into science fantasy and allowing gates to be opened into cosmic horror, etc., both within the PMP and beyond as/if required.
Such an approach does require to be "open" to a degree as closed systems played strictly using "real world" mechanics on geological timescales would tend to lead no further than Stapledon's Last and First Men or Wells' The Time Machine in the relatively hard SF domain (no particular fan of the overarching term "Dying Earth subgenre" when applied to those).

> perhaps even Timeshadow's own world and then overlayed (have you done a pre-history as yet TS?)

(I think I'll have to second that enquiry, out of curiosity!)

irbyz said...

> I think there is even an old RPG that parodies conspiracies and is set in a dystopian future

Heh, heh... I was going to reference that in my first reply, but paranoia got the better of me.

> However, our thread's spheroid conspiracy is in the ancient past and perhaps "down a hole" we "find an entire civilization that stayed below instead of pridefully challenging the wrath of the Sun."

*g* I didn't think those Klerksdorp spheres were hollow? ;)

Had heard they were going to film The Goddess of Atvatabar but Cameron sued for plagiarism. *jk* :p

irbyz said...

p.s. sorry 'bout the debunking. :/

Perhaps a trip to the Plateau of Leng is called for in order to find other more convincing OOP artifacts. Don't forget to gen up in advance on how to spot the mass-produced replicas the Chinese produce for the tourist trade, though.
(Would make a change from "fake" dZi beads, I guess! With which, I return full-circle/sphere to those EPT "eyes"...?).

Rob Kuntz said...

Good points David! Of course the proclivity to use this or that as a whole or partial idea set does not preclude experimentation nor does it by itself, rather except by choice, detail what "should" be built upon it. Regimentation of ideas and their use comes from the person implementing these. In the day, we squirreled around with a lot of ideas interwoven into our campaign fabrics, as you make note of. The point that our (Earth's) history goes back so far is then of no consequence, for we are only speculating and imagining what it was in near uncertain terms anyway. Starting points, at least for me, are just that and do not dictate an ending point of, dare I say, "creative transmogrification".

Good discourse, chummer. :)

Rob Kuntz said...

>I return full-circle/sphere to those EPT "eyes<

I was hoping Timeshadows would jump on that one, but she must be at the Temple in Karnak... where the "Ibises have it". ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Don't apologize for debunking.
I love the controversy. I'm labeling the photo on my blog "debunked" at LotGD.

... questioning is good.

Thanks! I am always looking for Truth.

Rob Kuntz said...

>Thanks! I am always looking for Truth.<

The "J-Files". 'The Truth is Out There..." ;)

Rob Kuntz said...

Just for Fun: The "Eyes Have It." So, the story goes thusly (at least from my part, which is Part 1, anyone can add to it... or change it completely).

This mysterious globe, or eye, is in part the representation of the sacred ibis, revered by the Egyptians, each globe otherwise known as the "One Eye" which was so esoterically popular as a symbol among them. The fight with the birds by Hercules was in fact the beginning of the cultural myth challenging the Egyptian preeminence in knowledge and ascendancy. These were manufactured in strange ways much as their pyramids or the Labyrinth were constructed, under divine guidance, and were in turn lost after the destruction of Alexandria and the burning of the Great Library-museum there. Certain entrusted merchants took these south where they ended up at a southern island mass (modern day Madgascar, later to be referred to by Clark Ashton Smith as an island comprising part of Zothique (perhaps Ullutrol), part of a dying land reeking of ancient magic). The eyes in fact contained the knowledge of those eldest of mysteries preserved through divine intercourse and as transferred from the papyri of the Great Library, especially the over 6,000,000 scrolls detailing astrology and astronomy, and as copied from the most ancient of Babylonian texts.

From there they later find a home in Southern Africa, whereat their history becomes obscured in the wars of petty tribes and witch-doctrs who fought for their mystic knowledge. A rite partially written, partially etched in pictographs, and which was found on a petrified tree-etching near Johannesburg, notes that a very hard and glassy substance similar to ebony was used as a table to spin these upon, much in the same manner as it occurred for Rod Taylor in the adaptation of H, G, Wells, "The Time Machine," where he spins the rings shown to him by the Eloi, thus summoning a greater knowledge of the past via interaction with the Ether.

The three concentric rings found on one of the objects in fact relate to their origin, one being so inscribed to note their association with the many tripartite arrangements of gods formalized in the Labyrinth, whereat these were actually utilized in open air ceremonies...

Anonymous said...

Click to view
The Map

The inscriptions on the objects later led to a map being discovered that detailed the entrance and maze of the Labyrinth. By decoding the map and understanding the Labyrinth, further knowledge of ancient Egyptian wisdom was revealed. The map proved essential in decoding the knowledge of those eldest of mysteries contained in the eyes...

Rob Kuntz said...

:) I love playing...

Very 'Escher'-esque illustration. Yours? :) :

Boy, I'm stymied to post imbedded links. How do you folks do that at the comments level?

anyway, parts to follow... as further maps were found within the Great Labyrinth, enlivening a growing reason as to why these edifices were at various times and epochs created worldwide.

A peculiar inscription, first thought to be of the hieroglyphic set, was errantly translated as "At Corners They Arrive." This was later debunked by Doctor I. R. Bhyz of Transvaal University. Supporting this idea of energy and matter converging at specific points in space and time within such constructions was a Conjunction Theorist from Aestaphally, Germany, Dr. Jourese Haukenlaurm. Dr, Haukenlaurm immediately departed for points south, taking with her a great store of formerly cached sacred objects that she felt sure were partial if not whole keys to the mystery...

irbyz said...

> Of course the proclivity to use this or that as a whole or partial idea set does not preclude experimentation nor does it by itself, rather except by choice, detail what "should" be built upon it.

Indeed, but avoiding wholesale retconjuration of one's campaign world on a regular basis or because of poor decisions in its development that cannot be easily papered over is still perhaps worthwhile being wary of?
(Tempted to say that would be almost comical but already enough puns for infinite worlds, I think).

> In the day, we squirreled around with a lot of ideas interwoven into our campaign fabrics, as you make note of.

*nods*. A big difference vs. the general cookie-cutter and/or overly-derivative, clichéd approach. (And one negative mark for pre-factored modules in general, too, for /some/ people/contexts, IMHO).

> Starting points, at least for me, are just that and do not dictate an ending point of, dare I say, "creative transmogrification".

"Products of your transmogrification" sounds more like a White Wolf tagline, anyhow. ;)

> The point that our (Earth's) history goes back so far is then of no consequence, for we are only speculating and imagining what it was in near uncertain terms anyway.

*reads back above*. Indeed. Having fun, are we?

Say; this topic really /does/ cover a lot of ground but then so did Margaret Dumont and look what good /that/ did her. :p

*g* sry! Enjoy!

Have a good evening, y'all,
David. :)

Rob Kuntz said...

Hey, I take breaks, and there is no better break than having fun. Comical, yes. Like Dumont, who I favored opposite the M. Brothers and 'Fields. EGG was a big fan of the MB and introduced me to their films, hey what? ;)

That Reminds of of the "Tale of I. Bis Supe"

Keeping the ole brain lubed by flitting about its garden of extremities oh so merrily is of course of prime consequence to one as myself approaching codger-hood. ;)

Now. Back to d6's and all that matter.

Always a treat exchanging Wit with Witt. :)

PS--*Indeed, but avoiding wholesale retconjuration of one's campaign world on a regular basis or because of poor decisions in its development that cannot be easily papered over is still perhaps worthwhile being wary of*

Agreed. Best to lead with the right foot then mess up the walk from the beginning. That's where the old saying, "Where the rubber meets the road" comes in handy...

Rob Kuntz said...

@Journalizer: I was able to watch "Holographic Universe" in its 2 parts but am now too afraid to go to sleep and am now and again looking over my shoulder expecting a shadowy film crew to be connecting diodes to my extremities. I am taking the next plane to Cairo where I will proceed thereafter by what I think is a mule to where I thought there were ruins of the Labyrinth. ...Anything relating to all of the above and what occurs hereafter I am now quite unsure of. DR. J. Kray...

Anonymous said...

... of the Ether, because Dr. Haukenlaurm had a hunch that the sacred objects would fit perfectly into "keyhole" shaped cracks in the eyes. However, despite Dr. Bhyz's research that debunked the translation of the peculiar hieroglyphics, she could not help but wonder if there was some connection with the peculiar inscription, "At Corners They Arrive" and the sacred objects that appear close matches to the cracks in the eyes.
Upon further inspection of the eyes Dr. Haukenlaurm was amazed to discover that the cracks were actually perfect circles matching the circular shape of the sacred objects. Clearly, she would need to send them out to the lab to be professionally cleaned of the residue accumulated over the millennia. As the eyes were being restored her mind kept coming back to the debunked inscription, "At Corners They Arrive." She thought to herself, "after all, isn't there always a little truth to every conspiracy theory?"
These thoughts prompted a thorough investigation of Dr. Bhyz's research, along with the map and other images. Scientific investigations of the Ether by Carl Jung held essential information needed to decode those eldest of mysteries that would reveal the Truth. Jung's investigation read, "the entire Cosmos is filled with a hidden, flowing, geometric energy matrix commonly called “zero-point energy” or “aether” that is the source of all things, including life, and is therefore alive in its own right. With this matrix, all elements of the Cosmos are very intimately and directly connected through “synchronicity” (defined by Dr. Carl Jung, pg 9 The Science of Oneness by David Wilcock).
The statements, “Zero-point energy” and "At Corners They Arrive" kept running through Dr. Haukenlaurm's head. What was the connection to the eyes and the sacred objects and would this answer the fundamental question that science cannot explain? Would this connection be the key to understanding the Ether? She was determined to figure it out because she knew that greater knowledge of the past was available via interaction with the Ether.
But, she was stumped about the inscription. What corners is the inscription referring to: if Dr. Bhyz was in fact wrong about debunking? Then, as she flipped thru past research, she came across powerful statements about ancient wisdom. She read, "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self" by Aldous Huxley. The statement stopped her dead in her tracks. "Corner of the universe," she repeated in her head.
That's when she realized the inscription was symbolic! She realized that "At Corners They Arrive" was not referring to actual corners, but to the infinite nature of the universe. With that revelation she continued to flip through the pages of research on her desk.
Then she came across two pages paper clipped together. The large paper had a detailed drawing of symbols depicting wormholes and the space time continuum... then she read the small scrap of paper attached.
Reading this scrap is when she knew it was all about the shape of the eyes and the shape of the symbolic objects: it is all cyclical! The wisdom of the past is present today, but we are looking in the wrong places. Dr. Haukenlaurm realized, that the answer was within her, and not outside her in the artifacts. She was certain of this when she reread the scrap of paper, "'When there is no more separation between 'this' and 'that,' it is called the still-point of the Tao. At the still point in the center of the circle one can see the infinite in all things' - Chuang Tzu."

Click to view

Illustrations are mine. Originals are 33” x 27” Graphite on Strathmore 400 Series Bristol Drawing sheet.

Chris said...

I call fossilized time-lost cricket ball.

Anonymous said...

I make links with HTML code:
Click for Tutorial.

Rob Kuntz said...

>I call fossilized time-lost cricket ball.<

Heh. Oaky, we managed to take the horse out of it here. "That ain't cricket!"

@ Journalizer... WOW :) (later on the contd. adventure) and thanks for the tutorial...

Timeshadows said...

Hi, A/all,

I do indeed have the full 7,000 year history of the Urutsk setting, broken down into four 1,750 year 'seasons', with the current product dedicated to the Early Autumn. The setting started in the Latter Autumn era, and I worked it forward and backward from there until I had the entire Cycle. To further boggle, there are other prior iterations, like the Kundalini serpent rising up the practitioner's spine from the Red Age through to the Violet (the version being written about), and have run a few adventures in a previous Age.
--Time in the Urutsk Cycle is a helical unfolding, with much recursion, but each iteration/Age is a progression 'forward', to the Violet Age. Thus the published work will take place in the Violet Age's Early Autumn (and roughly from 3937--4375 [-340 or so years glossed over, and about 440 years given some detail])

@Journalizer: Great cite on the Ether article. How interestingly timed with my Great Works in the Aether over on my blog.

:: somewhere Hawkwind is playing in the background ::

Ragnorakk said...

Maybe everywhere Hawkwind is playing in the background! Good read, ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is simply astounding.

Still absorbing . . :-)

Rob Kuntz said...

My final take after thinking long on Endymion's first post is that fear of ridicule, or loss, has no place in objective science; and often in its place we find these institutions, and thus the thoughts that they regurgitate, self-serving and non-progressive because of this. Though I agree with you on many points made, the final tally for advancing all spheres of thought does not find its route through continued repetition of the mechanistic view of science that has promulgated for the last 400 years and which, in turn, has lead in concert with its incorporation of ideas to the near ruination of our planet. That in itself as an expressed example of this philosophy in action is backwards. I heartily believe that this repeats itself in an elitist vacuum and that it is only with the greatest endeavor by those willing to make the sacrifice as true spirits of humanity and the sciences--and as purchased by them at the expense of passage of years wasted fighting this ignorance--that anything is achieved at all in its face. YMMV.