Thursday, July 29, 2010

PPP's Old Forums to Close Down

UPDATE 9/14/2011:  Yuku does not allow one to archive the information from their boards and after many different attempts to do so ended in failure we gave up.  The forums will remain in place as an information repository and can be accessed by the link below.

Our old forums here are set within the coming months to be closed down.  I am working with another person to salvage the posts collected there so these do not pass into the dust-bin of electronic history.

I want to thank every one of its 432 members who participated there since 2002.  They were good times.

Here are the final stats for the record:

Founded: 05/22/02

  • 95 Avg visits per day
  • 776 Avg views per day
  • 0 Posts per day
  • 0 Posts in last 24 hours
  • 394986 Total visits
  • 1760877 Total views
  • 65196 Total posts
  • 2343 Total topics
  • 432 Total members


Anonymous said...

As one of the later members of the 432, allow me to say, it was a pleasure.

There was always something of interest there.


Rob Kuntz said...

Later, but you had some valuable input (erh, questions?)

And how could we have ever forgotten that iconic Doctor Doom avatar? You won't let us... ;)

Thanks GW!

grodog said...


Are you planning to delete the old boards completely, then, at some point sooner vs. later (or is ezboards, perhaps)?

I'm sure there are a number of posts there I'd like to archive myself, so any light you can shed on the timetable and final status of the board (locking it vs. deleting it, for example), would be appreciated!


Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Gro. It's in the works as we speak. They will only be deleted after vital posts are salvaged (mine and EGG's for sure). If you wish to add to the list please contact me off-blog. Thanks buddy.

rafael beltrame said...

hi rob! im too one of the 432 (man, it sound like a tv series :D), an di must thanks everyone for all the good time.
and i believe it was the first time i asked a question for you, rob ^__^

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Rafael. Yes you were, as was the Acrobatic Flea who popped into my recent blog just hours ago.

Good times that carry on elsewhere these days. It was too long in coming anyway, as YUKU totally sucks. worse than EZBoard when I first started. And they make it nearly impossible to retrieve your posts--will never do that again.

Keep on with the questions, Rafael. I'll answer when I can.

Endymion said...

Adieu, adieu, remember me . . . .

Rob Kuntz said...

It will, Mark. You had many great posts there. :)