Monday, August 16, 2010

A Misty Elsewhere

Mark Reep - If I Could Find The Way Again
Randomly stumbled onto an artist today named Mark Reep.

Some recent drawings of his can be found here.

They are like what Chris Van Allsburg might create if he were tasked with illustrating a D&D Module. The entire gallery is inviting and awesome stuff. He also has a gallery over at

It all has that dreamy quality... all of these drawings show places I want to adventure in and explore.


Rob Kuntz said...

Just happened to be online doing some research and dropped by... :)

Nice work here. AND nice prices. too.

Certainly "beyond the lands we know."

Thanks for sharing Scott.

Geek Ken said...

Nice find, thanks for sharing!

Daddy Grognard said...


Very Magritte.

scottsz said...

@all: What really threw me for a loop was how small some of the pieces are in actual size. They all give the impression of being a few feet wide.

@Daddy: Nice catch! I totally overlooked that, but they really ARE very Magritte.

brandykruse said...

Wowza! Thanks for the linkage! =)

scottsz said...

@crazyred: No problem. Thanks back at you for posting that delicious map over at 'Doodle! Awesome work!

Mark Reep said...

Just ran across this- Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.