Friday, September 24, 2010

Noble Knight Games (PPP Super Assortment Pack)

Some news on our products still in print (and out of print).

First, Aaron at Noble Knight Games is selling a "Super Assortment" pack of our products wherein you save almost $30.00 over the total retail price for these 6 titles (see image below).  Here's the LINK.  Just click on the Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign link once there, it's the 1st product offered in the list.

Second, BOTTLE CITY is out of print.  Bottle City and Cairn of the Skeleton King are slated to be produced as PDFs in the near future, so hold tight.

I'll have more RPG updates very soon, specifically about the finalization of the contract and product release news through the publisher I am now in the final negotiation phase with.  -- RJK


Timeshadows said...

Looking forward to that contract being finalised.

migellito said...

Excellent news Robert :) I'm looking forward to bottling my players in my own version of those infamous dungeons!

Unknown said...

Its really important to get Bottle City into PDF so we can use it. I've got a whole workup of Castle Greyhawk using various solutions available out there, and I need Bottle City for it. I'm not willing to pay the 250 dollars I've seen it going for online.