Monday, June 11, 2012

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If memory serves...  This is my first real post here on LotGD.
Not for lack of desire, but mostly lack of time.  Time and fear.  Fear of not being nearly as interesting, insightful, and comfy as Rob.

So, with Time, Confidence, and Comfort on my side, here is my first contribution to the dialogue.


There, you've watched the video.  You've laughed, you've loved, and perhaps come away enlightened or reminded that you instinctively knew all of this before.

The camera pans out.  We see the monitor and desk of a genius at work, covered with toys, funny clippings, and rubber band animals.  In the distance, upon the wall beautiful artwork; in the air, lovely music or relaxing sounds of nature.

Pans further: The location, be it home or apartment, and the back of the head of the reader/viewer.

Pan: Flute or bread

Pan: Everything


Geffyl said...

I'm glad you found the time to put that desire to work. A very cool link. At the least, it adds to my list of lightbulb jokes. At best, it stresses in a very unstressful way of how important cooperative play is.

But you've forgotten the camera crashing through the wall as it pans out from the room to outside...

Timeshadows said...


--Yes, then we can shift over to the Penn and Teller film where the camera simply keeps panning until the credits roll.

Clease' positive and negative statement of the process requirements was one of the most enjoyable business speaker engagements I can think of.

Predecessor to the TED talks. :)

Geffyl said...

Yes, his open/closed points were on ghe mark. I just had a twinge of fear near the end, imagining some of the "suits" taking serious notes about inhibiting creativity in their employees.

Sometimes, not always, but more frequently I think, the world is leaning towards being a Python sketch. in a not so funny anymore, but scary 'cause it's real way.

Hopefully, it's just me.

Timeshadows said...


It certainly does seem increasingly absurd in a not-funny sort of way to me as well.

bombasticus said...


Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Ho A Merry-O Timeshadows! Time has indeed shaded our communications of late. ;)

Cleese nails it when he refers to "playing" like children do. Playing with ideas, forms, but not, as Robert Mckee says, FOR-mu-LA. Once codified into a formula, we have creative still birth in whatever medium is chosen for expression.

Later Florida Flower! :)

Timeshadows said...


Nice to hear from you again. :D

I thought of you when I saw that and had to post it here. :D

Rob Kuntz said...

Hey TS...

Do consider posting related stuff as time permits--that is if you can break away from Google+ for a day. ;)

Timeshadows said...

Sure thing, Rob.
--As I find it. :D