Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep on Dreaming Kyrinn

My good friend, the game designer and future all-star world-builder, Kyrinn Eis, and I shared a lovely phone call concerning many, many subjects both creative and mundane.  It was in a word refreshing to hear of this fellow creator endeavoring along upward paths, hear her describe in detail the many facets of her realized designs, hear the heart and soul of a true designer who endeavors to bring to life something quite singular in aspect:  Her world, her rules, her way.

Kyrinn has been so busy we had fallen out of touch, which made the impression all the more outstanding:  She is now working with a publisher and several artists.  The publisher, Heroic Journey Publishing seems to have fallen in love with her work:  The World of Urutsk w/integrated rules, her miniatures rules, Vanguard, a related board game (showcased at NTXRPGCon 3), and a card game being among the list of upcoming future publications.  Read more at her blog or join her on Google+.

Keep on going, Florida Flower.  Keep on dreaming!

This one's for you!


Albert R. said...

Kyrinn's ideas rocks. And she helped me alot with my stuff :-)

Timeshadows said...

Thank you so much, Rob. :D

Your encouragement has been a great boost. :D

Rob Kuntz said...

Better than a vitamin pill? ;)

Talk to you soon.