Friday, July 24, 2009

Wrapping Up a Very Busy Month

I have been too busy as usual what with an upcoming drive. Let's see, some tidbits...

I am in the middle of organizing the pieces to get Black Festival ready for the layout person.

I am ordering the details of an adventure to be to written with another chap having to do with the Original Campaign: The Cursed Village.

I am ordering another part of a secret project PART 2 for another person to draw the maps for.

Ramsey (Yesmar) finished secret project PART 1.

Ramsey Dow and I had a phone conversation the other day (whew, 2 or so hours long) and finalized the go ahead for the next Original Castle map, The Boreal Level. He is now rendering it. Ramsey is real cool and so is his lady, Z, who helps as well. Real neat.

I am about to get my remaining short stories off to our editor, David Coalter.

I am waiting on Tower of Blood, which did not ship today, so I expect it to be available next week Tuesday.

In the middle of outlining a new project as well as plugging away at a new essay length post for the blog.

In between, reorganizing the Living Room adventure to be reprinted as a saddle-stitched booklet with a color cover and with additional material. This might take the place of DHALT which I am falling behind on with so much organizational stuff, but we'll see what reserves I have left for it.

Also communicating with NTRPGCon on a very special adventure I am crafting for next year's event.

I also keep up a steady stream of research each week as well as scratch my ear on occasion...

Did I mention that I went shopping today? Home made tacos for dinner. :) Afterward, if I am not already dead to the wind, I will savor a flute or two of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut to help issue me off to Dreamland...


Andrew (better known as Drew) said...

You know, with all that free time on your hands, you should consider getting a hobby! ;-)

Heruka said...

All work and no play... oh, hang on, Perrier Jouet? Nuff said!

Glad things are flowing Rob, a veritable cascade of activity by the sounds of it. Long may it gush!