Thursday, December 31, 2009

CA Smith: The Rennaisance Man of Fantasy

I am always amazed at CA Smith's versatility in his art and the range of subjects that he learned (self-taught for the most part).  Poet, short-story writer, painter, sculptor, translator (of French and Spanish poetry).  Certainly not the ploymath like Da Vinci, but for a man with little more than a grade school education, more than just quite impressive. Link.


JediOre said...

I really do enjoy Smith's writings, what little I've read of his. Weird and other-worldly.

Happy New Year.


grodog said...

I like Smith's painting as much as his writing (and his poetry even moreso than his short stories), although his sculpture hasn't in general caught my eye in the same ways.


Hierax said...

Ah, good old Clark Ashton Smith another under-appreciated creative genius!

Hey, wait a minute, Rob, you have a module series with "CAS" as the code... coincidence?