Friday, March 12, 2010

Nice to see all the fun posts...

It s a treat indeed to see so many creative exchanges here.  Though laboring night and day with my move
in two weeks--and in between, ummm, GARYCON2--I still find time to short-read these.

Everyone please continue, Scottz, Grendlewulf, Journalizer, and company.

I will catch up soon enough.  :)



Anonymous said...

I hope your move is going well. I know how disruptive that is to life and wish you a smooth transition.

It totally rocks that GARYCON2 is right around the corner. That'll be a good, fun way to celebrate the progress made after laboring over a move!

The blogosphere persists, but we miss your personality.


Timeshadows said...


Make certain to take li'l fun-breaks, Rob.
--All work and no play...and all that. ;)


Anonymous said...

It's GARYCON2 weekend!! I hope we get to see photos or read posts about the activities.

Have fun!!