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Armies of Oerth, Part XXIII: North Province

Using the Field of Glory wargaming rules & Dragon Magazine #63, I will continue representing Rob Kuntz's Orders of Battle for certain renowned armies from the World of Greyhawk.

This is another smaller than usual force. Rather than restrict it to the normal scale of 250 men-at-arms per model base, I will also be giving a suggested ratio of 100 men-at-arms per base. This will be for those generals who like to put more models down on their tabletops.

Ratio of 250 men-at-arms per base is in green.
Ratio of 100 men-at-arms per base is in blue.

North Province's Army List

In the North Province, Herzog Grenell's forces have been battered by incursions of Almor and Nyrond into the southern part of the Bone March. They have also suffered the continual raids from humanoid bands near Bellport, who have not thrown in their banners with the Herzog as of yet. Having withdrawn his forces, and no enemies pursuing, the Herzog has been slowly rebuilding his army to some degree. With the addition of the Sea Barons, the North Province's army again approaches the strength of 10,000. If the humanoid bands do not immediately force the issue, Grenell might well turn the tide of affairs. 

The Herzog is in a quandry, for he must not only regain complete control of his own territory but also be ready to supply troops to the Overking when the confrontation between his master and Nyrond occurs soon. Dare he risk failure in battle again and offend the Malachite Throne? To make matters worse, General Hooglish, a new commander for the Western Approaches, has been causing dissension amongst the Herzong's allies. Hooglish detests the Sea Barons and believes he can handle any enemy force that comes against him.

Commander-in-Chief: General Hooglish, Commander of the Western Approaches = 1 base / 1 base

Heavy Cavalry: 200 = 1 base / 2 bases
(3 models/base; knights on horses, heavy armour & substantial shields, hand weapons)

Medium Infantry (Mercenary): 500 = 2 bases / 5 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry (Levied): 2,000 = 8 bases20 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

This totals:
12 bases with 34 models / 28 bases with 82 models

Although the main army of the Herzog is not specifically laid out in this article, it is entirely possible to discern the troops from a previous Armies of Oerth article concerning the Great Kingdom. Based on an article from Dragon Magazine #59 and the breakdown of the Knights of Doom's military hierarchy, a glimpse of the North Province's army emerges. Primarily overseen by one of the Knights of Doom's Marshals, the stronger arm of the North Province army under Herzog Grenell would look something like this (using the ratio of 250 men-at-arms per model base):

Commander-in-Chief: Grenell, Herzog of the North Province (T(A) 15th Level) = 1 base

Heavy Cavalry: 1,000 = 4 bases
(3 models/base; knights on horses, heavy plate armour & lances, substantial shields)

Heavy Cavalry: 1,500 = 6 bases
(3 models/base; knights on horses, heavy chain armour & lances, substantial shields)

Medium Cavalry: 1,000 = 4 bases
(3 models/base; riders on horses, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Medium Horse Archers: 500 = 2 bases
(3 models/base; riders on horses, leather armour & moderate shields, bows)

Heavy Halberdiers:  1,000 = 4 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, heavy plate armour & substantial shields, halberds)

Heavy Pole-Arms: 1,000 = 4 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, chain mail armour & substantial shields, pole-arms)

Medium Infantry: 2,000 = 8 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, chainmail armour & no shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry: 1,000 = 4 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & no shields, hand weapons)

Medium Archers: 500 = 2 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, short bows)

Medium Crossbowmen: 300 = 2 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, crossbows)

Medium Archers: 200 = 1 base
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, long bows)

So, this totals 42 bases with 213 models on them.

Alternately, you could have this army led by:

Commander-in-Chief: Knight of Doom, Greater Marshal (F 11th level)
wears magic plate armour, wields a sword of cold, and can withstand all types of fire

[Note: Remember, the Knights of Doom will appear as normal men with their faces hidden by visors. Their armour is always golden - in defiance and mockery of those aligned with law and good.]

Next up... See of Medegia


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