Thursday, August 19, 2010

IFW Topic on Boardgame Geek

One of our authors and my friend (Wargamer204) sent me this link to discussion and pictures on Boardgame Geek here.  Enjoy them as I did back in the day.


scottsz said...

Thanks for posting this... those are incredible pictures!

I have to tease you about the caption to the pic here... 'Robbie'

For those interested, here is the Wikipedia link for the IFW.

Finally, for those (like me) that are drooling over those Citadel spaceships, there are some Full Thrust miniatures that are almost as cool that can be found here

Rob Kuntz said...

What can I say? :)

John always called me "Robbie" back then; and Dave Arneson always over the years, though friends we were, referred to me as "Bob". Gary always used "Rob," however.

A better article needs to be sculpted for the IFW Wiki entry. Hopefully some time down the road someone will take upon the task of doing so (like John Bobek, nudge, nudge). ;)

rafael beltrame said...

awesome, thanks for sharing!