Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Dropping In

It's always good to say hello now and then.

I have been occupied with rest ever since my return from NTRPGCON 3.  I have managed to finish an interview started months ago and that should be published on another blog very soon.

Fight On! magazine will  be dedicating an issue to me, I believe it's #14, and Allan Grohe is sending them an article I originally published in Wargames Magazine, IIRC, back in 1977 or thereabouts.

My immediate projects proceed slowly while matching the re-energizing I'm getting from a very demanding personal and health challenging 2010. 

North Texas wore me out, however, fun though it always is.  The Workshop was a great success and I will run it again next year.  The adventure we designed in the six hours participants colluded to do so was DMed by me the very next day , though the players in that might as well have been zombies, instead, as they were frightfully slow, disorganized and made me, tired as I was throughout the entire convention, seem spry by comparison.  Hate to say it, but that's the truth.

It has been tentatively named, "The Mad House"; and it will eventually find print through NTRPGCON as an added way of generating income for the convention.

One participant in the workshop said during it, "Wow!  I cannot believe what we've accomplished in an hour's time!" They were a good crew; and my hat goes off to them and to David Rhea, Doug's son, who participated at an ever increasing and creative pace as we continued.  He wishes to design solid adventures and called the whole ordeal, "Just Crazy!" 

That's about it.  I will not be posting too much on a regular basis, sorry.  The pace I kept up before, coupled with the demands of writing and research, means that I have to cut somewhere.  I just don't have the energy for blogs and forums and even my Q&A on DF has suffered due to this.  However, that means that I can concentrate on the creative for print, and that has been my only concern for years, so it is not alien to me.

Pied Piper Publishing is no more due to my health.  I cannot manage it on all levels.  It was a nice run under the imprint; but imprints are just that.  I will continue to write when time, health and inspiration combine and allow me to do so.

Find out more when my interview is published; should be very soon.

Good Gaming to all!


PS--I wish to thank all of you, especially Scottz, for the wonderful articles that you posted here and wish you all continued good luck with your creative endeavors!


Timeshadows said...

It is wonderful seeing a post here by you, again. :D

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi K,

Got your email too and responded (do read).

Keep going Girl. Your game is topps!

Badmike said...

It was great seeing you at the con, as usual. Rest up and take your time getting out some product! It's been too long since a RJK instant classic has been released.

The feedback on the workshop was great. And yes I also think David is a pretty creative fellow. It's really too bad you didn't get a chance to properly run your adventure as the bits and pieces I heard from workshop members made it sound quite intriguing!

Anonymous said...

It is always great to see the Lord in his Hall!

I cannot wait for Fight On now! Was it the Demon Sender article, or the other one (cannot remember, but I am sure you did two articles)?

As for Scottz, we all know the truth. He is the result of those history-rpg-gene-splicing experiments you funded back in the 80's. It is the only explanation for his over-fueled mad intellect! :)

Take care!

Dan said...

I hope your health improves! I always like your posts, and your products.

Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks for all of the great commentary. As I stated in my recent interview: "...NT wore me out, though, and it wasn’t until now that I had energy enough to finish this interview. I’m starting to feel progressively more energetic, but my health comes first, of course, so projects will proceed as I rise to the occasion of confronting them again."

Unfortunate as it may seem, it is the plight of all authors as they age. Their work output becomes less and their desires shift in what they want to see published and therefrom be remembered by.

I am a writer first, a designer of games second. I hope to remain creative and of worth in whatever writing path I choose; and I do feel that I am in the final stage of my journey as a writer.

Clark Ashton Smith stopped writing at one point to pursue his sculpture. With me it is similar, but different. It is a matter of interest; I have conquered twice over the matter of game design, but there is a lasting few pieces of work in essays, fiction and other I'd like to see published. Time will tell whether I waited too long to start the race to the end as my health has been very inconstant these days.

Wish me luck as I do you!


AndreasDavour said...

Luck, health and a toast to many happy days, Rob!

Take care, and may you still write many thoughtful and inspiring works.

Rob Kuntz said...

Heartfelt thanks, Andreas. Your sincere expressions mean a lot to me.

Keith said...

Very best wishes Rob, wishing you a swift reboot and hoping to see you hale and hearty in short order (with new works flowering left and right).

A final salute to Pied Piper too, the works it midwifed into being were a cut above.

Rob Kuntz said...

Well, thanks Keith. Nice all around and a positive keel to boot.

Pied Piper was but one avenue, a name; there were some solid products issued, but there's so much more to RPGs than adventures.

I believe that stereotypes in my case need be cast off, so expect flowers of a way different color and smell in the future.