Monday, April 26, 2010

Armies of Oerth, Part XVIII: Idee

(Writer's Note: Yes, yes...I know what you're thinking: another army list so soon? Yes, but I promise it's a short post. If you want something "meatier" to sink your teeth into, then check out Scottsz's latest installment of Cold Text files concerning Tharizdun's forgotten temple, click right here. He just put it up this weekend, and I'm still reading it even as I type this...)

Using the Field of Glory wargaming rules & Dragon Magazine #57, here's another installment of Gary Gygax's Orders of Battle for certain renowned armies from the World of Greyhawk.

Ratio: 250 men-at-arms per base.

Idee's Army List

Count Fedorik Eddri has developed the trade of his realm to a point where the populace are prosperous and happy. However, more revenues should have been expended in fortification, however, for the line of strongholds along the northern border of Idee are not fully manned and not in perfect repair. Lulled into a false sense of security, Idee was ill-prepared for the strength and force of the South Province's army. As Fedorik mustered an unready army of 6,000 men, the timely assistance of Dwarfking Holgi Hirsute chased the Herzog's forces back. Unfortunately, a rift has developed between the Count and the Dwarfking. There is no question the defending army of the Iron League will be badly outnumbered due to the rupture, but the Iron Hills are still relatively secure against invasion even though Holgi Hirsute stands separately from the allies.

Commander-in-Chief: Count Fedorik Eddri (F 14th level) = 1 base

Heavy Cavalry: 1,000 = 4 bases
(3 models/base; knights on horses, heavy armour & substantial shields, hand weapons)

Medium Cavalry: 2,000 = 8 bases
(3 models/base; riders on horses, helm & chest armour, moderate shields, hand weapons)

Light Cavalry (Mercenary): 1,000 = 4 bases
(2 models/base; riders on horses, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

Medium Infantry: 3,000 = 12 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Medium Infantry (Mercenary): 2,000 = 8 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry (Levied): 5,000 = 20 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

This totals 57 bases with 165 models on them.

It is expected the following allies will join the Count, since Dwarfking Holgi refuses to leave the Iron Hills:

Medium Infantry (Dwarves): 2,000 = 8 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry (Gnomes): 1,000 = 4 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

This totals an additional 12 bases with 36 models on them.

Next up...Irongate & Iron Hills



scottsz said...

I don't think I've ever encountered two guest posters who cross linked to each other as much as we have. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

One good cross link deserves another ;)

Plus, we don't want anyone to miss out on all of these great posts. The Lord of the Green Dragons is depending on us...


bombasticus said...

I like these. Thank you very much for them. I'd forgotten that Idee and the Iron League existed. If only those old Greyhawk minifigs were still around, what grand wars we'd have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scott.

Yes, those minifigs are so scarce. As my own model building has slowed down as of late, I was considering the idea of paper-minis. Perhaps I could rummage through some of the GH minifig pics at the Greyhawk Grognard's website & draw something similar.