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Armies of Oerth, Part XXII: Sea Barons

[Writer's Note: We-e-ere back! If you are looking for Scottsz's final wrap-up to his Cold Text File on the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, click right here. If you haven't read his series of illuminating (or is that shadowy) articles, why haven't you yet? Get yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, grab your notebook & pencil and link to his articles. You won't regret it. Now, for another army list, please continue reading below...]

Just when you thought these pesky army lists had come to an end... a few more have raised their Bec de Faucons, demanding to be heard from. Delving once again into my box of Dragon Magazines, another article has surfaced. This one is from Dragon Magazine #63, entitled Greyhawk's World - News, Notes and Views of the Greyhawk Campaign: Events of the Eastern and Southern Flanaess and written by the Lord of the Green Dragons himself, Robert J Kuntz. It gives us a further look into the events surrounding the Great Kingdom and its neighboring provinces.

As mentioned in previous articles, I am still using the Field of Glory wargaming rules. I prefer to use the ratio of 250 men-at-arms per model base. However, the following list is a bit smaller than some of the previous examples, so I will also be providing the number of model bases for using a scale of 25 men-at-arms. This will allow you to field a larger number of models overall.

green = 250 men-at-arms per base
blue = 100 men-at-arms per base

And now, to continue...

The Sea Baron's Army List

The people of these lands are a mix of Oeridian and Flan. Centuries ago, the Overking established four baronial island fiefs here, instructing each to build squadrons of ships and compete with each other. Whichever proved best in naval warfare would be appointed supreme baron, admiral of Aerdy, and be duly rewarded with Imperial favor. Old Baron Asperdi won the contest, and now, the baron of that island rules the Sea Barons. The main duties of the Barons in serving Aerdy were to fight off the Frost and Ice Barbarians and the Lordship of the Isles, which they carried out without great enthusiasm.

Commander-in-Chief: Aldusc, Lord Captain (F 9th level)
= 1 base / 1 base

Light Cavalry (Elites): 120 = 1 base2 bases
(2 models/base; riders on horses, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

Heavy Infantry:  600 = 3 bases / 6 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, heavy plate armour & substantial shields, halberds)

Heavy Infantry (Veterans): 120 = 1 base / 2 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, chain mail armour & substantial shields, pole-arms)

Medium Crossbowmen: 120 = 1 base2 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, crossbows)

Light Infantry (Veterans): 600 = 3 bases / 6 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & no shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry: 240 = 1 base / 3 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & no shields, hand weapons)

Light Crossbowmen: 120 = 1 base / 2 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & no shields, crossbows)

Light Javelineers: 120 = 1 base / 2 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & no shields, hand weapons)

So, this totals:
13 bases with 34 models / 26 bases with 69 models

This army may be assisted in time of need by the following allied force.

Sub-Commander: Sir Radolph Gerdio, Under-Admiral, 2nd Captain of the Northern Fleet = 1 base / 1 base

Artillerists & Engineers: 120 = 1 base / 2 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & no shields, hand weapons)

Heavy Catapults: 4 = 4 bases / 4 bases
(1 model/base)

Light Catapults: 6 = 6 bases / 6 bases
(1 model/base)

Medium Infantry (Marines): 1000 = 4 bases / 10 bases
(3 models/base; foot troops, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

This provides the additional totals:
12 bases with 26 models / 23 bases with 47 models

Next up... North Province



scottsz said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout and link.

I was waiting for the Sea Barons...

Anonymous said...


I'm happy to oblige! Now, if the makers of Field of Glory come out with a Seas of Glory supplement, we could have some ship-to-ship battles...


scottsz said...

@G: That's so funny! I was thinking something similar...

Also, I recently got help with the WG4 elevation map from Nick over at Carto (http://cartocacography.blogspot.com/) and he mentioned he'd love to do a nice seafaring or ship combat RPG module...