Monday, June 7, 2010

North Texas RPGCon: Over and Out

I had more than a blast at NTRPGCon.  More to follow, but highlights were meeting and gaming with Kyrinn Eis (Timeshadows, the Urutskian Queen), running my Dungeon of Death twice, gaming and chatting with myriads of friends and fellow conventioneers, like Allan Grohe, Tim Kask, Chris Finch, Alan Silcock, John Lile, Brian Kawano, Jason Braun (and his counterpart in art Amanda) and a host of others, and announcing with Doug Rhea the annual "Three Castles Award" (photo included).  More as I recover and come up to ordinary speed.


Anonymous said...

Hail to thee, LotGD!

We've kept the hearth fires burning, awaiting your return.

Can't wait to hear more tales of your adventures, especially of the Dungeon of Death (been anxiously awaiting Dungeon Set #3, Levels 13-?, amongst other things).


Joethelawyer said...

Welcome back! I've vowed to myself to get there next year.

scottsz said...

Welcome home!

Timeshadows said...

Yeah, it pretty well rocked! :D

I'm writing up my report...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Rob and Kyrinn!

Timeshadows said...

Lauren, thanks!

The players liked the Kelzsyn's Bluff image and we made great use of it. :D

Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks GW, Joe and Scottsz. I was actually never away, really, just locked in the central keep and puttering away on this and that. :) I did sneak away on the ole flying carpet for the convention, but I thought everyone would notice that. ;)

Yes. Indeed. Both yourself and scottsz (and with the commentators) have been very busy with some great projects here. It was great seeing authors post such lively and expansive material. Well done. I would have commented now and then if my own con/work/moving end had not been so full. Please do consider doing more and thanks again to you both! RJK

Badmike said...

Rob once again thanks for showing up at our little shindig. It means so much that you and other old school professionals (Tim Kask, Steve Winter, Paul Jaquays, etc) show up and press the flesh with the guys who read and played your stuff as kids. Running this thing is work but your presence with the others makes it all worthwhile, as well as hearing from attendees how great it is to actually meet Rob Kuntz! Anyway can't wait for the Three Castles award process to begin, and next year I am definitely going to finally show up with a stack of all my Kuntz related gaming stuff for you to sign!!!

Rob Kuntz said...

Mike! You guys were spot-on with everything pertaining to the con, and I emailed Doug & you as much--wonder if he forwarded it to you--but, hey, here it is:

"You guys put on a terrific con and I look forward to many, many more. There's not enough that can be said for the professional and overwhelmingly cordial way that you and the staff and Mike especially handled everything. People don't really see all of the preparation work that it takes to set up, administer and run such events so when they work seamlessly like yours that is a fine testament to the blood and sweat put into them. You and Mike should be heartily congratulated by all for your attention to the details that promoted, and will continue to promote, such a fine endeavor.

Best Wishes,
Rob Kuntz"

Yeah. I've been to so many cons over the years, but it's the intimate ones like yours that really shine. It's always a good feeling to realize when you are leaving the final day that you just didn't want it to end. That's the tops.

The Three Castle Award process will be in 1st draft form in the next week. I'm about to start writing the post on it here and at the same time with the matter codifying what I sent to NTRPGCon many months ago. I will also be calling Doug to follow up on Saturday when I get my VOIP fixed (on the fritz right now).

It was great seeing you again, Mike. Bring on the books, too, as my writing hand is not worn as yet! RJK

Tom said...

@Lord of Green Dragons - I know this is a bit random but I'm curious if have you thought about maybe doing small youtube clips or videos on your blog about the history of the game development, stories with friends or advice for running the game?. I really wish someone would interview the original developers of the game, or the ones who were there when it was all taking place to share their experiences to give the game a bit of a visual/oral history. Sitting down having a cup of coffee together and just chatting away, or sharing a pint or two.

Also wanted to say, I read your mini-book Black Festival, I was really drawn into the story and really enjoy it. Any future plans to have a compliation of stories publlished into paperback?

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Delve. How are things?

The seminars at NTRPGCon2 were all captured on video, and just this morning convention co-founder Mike Badolato (aka "Badmike here and elsewhere) noted on his Facebook commentary here:
that these would be available some time in the future.

I've received several requests for this so there looks to be some value in it, so I will consider it for the future. In between, I will be giving seminars and workshops for GMs at NTRPGCON (these may be taped and distributed after the con) and possibly even GaryCon. I'll keep folks posted and will also talk with a few of the notables (such as Tim Kask, Paul Jaquays and Steve Winter, etc) who could, if so willing, add to the matter. As an aside, I wish someone would tape a full session of my game when playing at these affairs; and also, that Kyrinn's game was worthy of that, as well, if not for anything else besides the tons of laughs that we were exchanging amid the flurry of jokes. :)

I am glad you enjoyed my novella, "Black Festival". Plans are to release my Drystaff shorts and another compilation of shorts comprising SF and Fantasy, all this year but possibly in different formats than BF was released in (which was a chapbook form). In between, I am still plugging away on different projects. Thanks!