Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Reading on Historical Subterranean Areas


Geffyl said...

"Every age has its learned prodigies and scientific minds that are ready to answer any question and solve all obscure matters.", p.95

Love these century-old books!
I'll grab bits like these when needing old journals, diaries, etc into my games.

Cimmerian said...
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Cimmerian said...

I hope it's research that brought you to that interesting site which I also would hope would lead to pencil & graph paper. ;)


It's quite a coincidence of your return since I have been gathering up info on Uncle's castle as of late. Is it safe to say Warlocks Walk would be Lv15 as stated in OJ23 or was it moved as told in Dungeon? Could not find a definitive answer on the net.


Hope all is well.

PS. failed word verification 1st time, could not disprove I was a robot. Truth hurts.

Necropraxis said...

Nice find.

Rob Kuntz said...

@ Cimmerian.

You'll have to do without me, Cimm. The idea of the game was that everyone pursue their own courses. I have stressed that time and time again with the hope that those on the cusp would get it and not to nourish a synchronic fan base. My designs were, for me, holistic representations of thought and no more.

I am grateful that some chose to purchase these thoughts; but now I recommend they look beyond and within the matter for the substantial and long term benefit these might provide while doing so. For that is a fan's greatest purchase, whether they realize it or not. That something in such matter inspires them on some level. All that matters thereafter is the why and how and when. And when fans arrive at that point they will find the Freedom to chart their own courses as idea dependency becomes their own, thus reversing the cycle.

Happy creating and gaming...