Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources


Mark Morrison said...

Remember when you were a teenager, and your buddy had a six pack of beer and a pack of smokes. He or She said "All your friends are doing it. Don't you want to be cool like the others?"
Well Obama is doing the same, Hugo Chavez, Frances Fox Piven, Mao Zedong(his idol) and so on. Their all doing it, he want's to be cool like his friends.

Geffyl said...

Yea, and we're the innocent passenger trapped in the car with this drunk with power dumbass driving.

Oops, I've criticized the President! I am now listed as a threat to National Security. I think I hear them pounding down my door righ... *

Robert Saint John said...

The implications made in the article you cite are BS. There is little new in this EO -- when compared to the same series of EOs dating back to **1939** -- except making allowances for what has changed over time. Example: there was no Department of Homeland Security in 1994 (the last update, which assigned many duties to FEMA). There's nothing in this new EO about peacetime applications. And there was no Constitutional Crisis in 1994.

see: (or not, your choice)

In short: There is no expansion of Executive Power here. This article is deep within tinfoil hat and birth certificate territory. There are plenty of honest reasons to object to the policies of the current administration. This would not be one of them.

Orion said...

Is it time to buy gold and bury it in the ground?

Geffyl said...

Nah, it wouldn't do any good.

Your ground can be seized too.

Norcross said...

There is plenty to disagree about with the current administration (for sane people, there is little to _agree_ with in the current administration!) but this one is pretty minor. It is a relatively minor (although easily misunderstood) expansion to an already existing power.

Compared to declaring war without even asking for Congressional approval, seizing the power to decide when Congress is and is not in session, taking control of the banks and car companies, defying court orders, and all the other thing he has done to flaunt the law, this is hardly worth mentioning.

And of course, all of that pales to granting himself the power to control everything even remotely related to health care by imperial fiat, without even needing to pass any further laws (and somehow deciding he has the power to deny Congress the ability to make further laws regarding it even if they wanted to, even during future administrations).

Compared to all of that, why bother worrying about minor expansions to existing executive orders?

Pere Ubu said...

gaarrrrr blah the black helo-copters sprayin them chemtrails dun put floride in mah wwter! Compromisin' my vital bodily fluids! argle bargle

need moar collodial silver to dissolve the UN computer chip in mah head

Rob Kuntz said...

Language was changed in this recent release to include executive ability to implement this order in PEACE TIME
also, not just during times of War as iterated in the 1950 version. One must ask the next question: Why?