Friday, March 23, 2012

New Ron Paul Ad

LINK at Youtube


Aaron E. Steele said...

I don't get the etch-a-sketch bit. And the ad tells me nothing about Ron Paul.

I can't imagine there is much hope that he will be the republican candidate at this point.

Endymion said...

I don't know much about Paul. I'm Canadian, most news networks like to ignore him, and I'm suffering from Primary Fatigue. Whenever I've heard him speak, though, he's seemed like a voice of reason in a largely insane process.

I always thought his real purpose in running was not so much to actually gain the nomination as to fight for the soul of the Republican Party: they have shifted so far into Christian Conservative land that Paul (I thought) was trying to get them back to their roots of Tom Paine liberalism (although I know that's a swear word in the USA). Individual Liberal Rights founded your country, though, right?

When I visited the Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, I actually got chills thinking about it: the First Continental Congress met there and decided they were going to determine their own fate and that others should be allowed the same opportunity. With maybe a few minor exceptions, Paul seems pretty adamant in his agreement with that principle. Keeping government (at both the federal and state level) out of private concerns as much as possible was the old Republican ideal, I thought. I like that, and all the (rather non-conservative) consequences that entails.

But that being said, let's not lose sight of gaming entirely. Isn't there a direct parallel between your political ruminations, Rob, and the Maze of Xayene? Doesn't Romney remind you of one of Xayene's imperfect Ovid clones? He gets trained to say the right things, but he doesn't have a soul or independent motivation. Same with Santorum or Obama for that matter. I respect your President's intellect and am sympathetic to some of his positions, but, in the final analysis, there has been little change that I can believe in.

Rob Kuntz said...


Dr, Paul is easily searched (googled); as is the Etc A Sketch gaffe by Rpmney's aide that prompted the circus from candidates and the media.

The point being, the US is in deep trouble and the main issues--Economy, Joblessness and perpetual WAR--are not being seriously discussed by anyone except Dr. Paul.

As for gaming insights: I have offered many that should keep people thinking and doing for years to come. I have been involved in writing and design since 1968 and in the end I have said my say, so to speak. It's a boiled down philosophy aimed at simplicity in execution yet gravitating towards dynamic in outcome--the essence of really good, and essential, game design, really. IMO that has been lost to a greater extent, especially in the RPG industry, which has remained for the most part in a circling pattern for many years.

In retrospect the microcosm of that is amply expressed through the lens of a corrupt and circular political system in America today.

Rather than improving on the Freedom accorded to us from the initial "design intent" that same freedom is instead contracted, taken away from the people and vested in those who "know better."

The idea of "creative freedom"--the core principle of D&D in 1973--is directly analogous with individual freedom. That both have been eroded with little or no qualm or outcry in reaction to this points to a gradual social shift that is fast approaching a meltdown stage. Something I call "The Reliant Culture." In history it had a variety of other names (i.e., Collectivism, etc.).

My interest in community and politics stems from EGG's intense involvement in the arena of politics. As a young man he was a precinct captain in Chicago (for Mayor Daley of all people); and he was always involved religiously or in community affairs in our home town, Lake Geneva. He was also active in writing letters to the editor, etc.

Brian MacKenzie said...

Several decades ago, the conservative journalist H.L. Mencken wrote, "For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong."

That pretty much sums up why Ron Pal appears to people who understand neither history nor current affairs.

E.G.Palmer said...

Mencken was hardly a conservative in the modern sense, and he's quite popular among Paul supporters. Paul is popular among people who have a much deeper than average interest in, and understanding of, history, economics, monetary policy, government, and human nature.

Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

The only reason to be in the GOP. The rest of the candidates are just more of the same.