Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Armies of Oerth, Part IV: Tenser

I'd like to take a moment and thank scottsz at Old School Rant and Mike Monaco at Swords & Dorkery for spreading the word about this little project. Hopefully it will inspire others to take to the battlefield!

Continuing Gary Gygax's Orders of Battle for certain renowned figures from the World of Greyhawk...

Per the Field of Glory rules, the ratio is 25 men-at-arms per base.

Tenser's Army List

Commander-in-Chief: Tenser (MU of 19th level) = 1 base
Somewhere along the southern shares of the Nyr Dyv is the hidden fortress of Tenser. It is likely that the identity of the master of the place is kept secret. Tenser is accompanied by a high-level cleric and various other figures of relatively high level, some reported to be demi-human. Some say that the ranger, Otis, is with him. The force is Good in alignment, but its exact disposition is unknown. It is suspected that troops from the surrounding area will join with Tenser in time of need.

Heavy Cavalry: 50 (Guards) = 2 bases
(3 models/base; knights on horses, heavy armor & barding, hand weapons)

Medium Cavalry: 100 (Elite) = 4 bases
(3 models/base; riders on horses, leather armour & moderate shields, hand weapons)

Light Cavalry: 50 (Regulars) = 2 bases
(2 models/base; riders on horses, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

Medium Horse Archers: 100 (Regulars) = 4 bases
(3 models/base; riders on horses, leather armour & moderate shields, bows)

Armored Infantry: 50 (Guards) = 2 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, helms, chest armour & shields, hand weapons)

Heavy Infantry: 100 (Regulars) = 4 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, heavy armour & substantial shields, hand weapons)

Light Infantry: 100 (Levied) = 4 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & small shields, hand weapons)

Heavy Archers: 50 (Regulars) = 2 bases
(4 models/base; foot troops, heavy armour & substantial shields, bows)

Light Archers: 50 (Levied) = 2 bases
(2 models/base; foot troops, no armour & small shields, bows)

So, this totals 27 bases with 77 models on them.

Next up: Erac's Cousin



rafael beltrame said...

great, im loving this series of articles! (ps: the picture dont look like tenser o_O. maybe i have the wrong picture!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I admit to pinching the pictures from early D&D sources (Rogues Gallery, Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, Isle of the Ape, & Rary the Traitor). IotA specifically uses Tenser as an NPC and since the artwork was there I couldn't resist. If anyone has any better sources (until I make some of my own maybe?), please let me know.

Of course, the best 'Lord Robilar' to use for inspired modelling is right at the top of the LotGD page. Now THAT would make a nice diorama!


rafael beltrame said... ee you point..i've never seen this picture of tenser before! its...diferent ^__^

canonfire GHWiki have two more, and those were the pictures i knew, ehehhe. but yours is there too, so...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I hadn't thought of the art in the "Return of the Eight" module. Well, canonwise, there's a span of 10+ years there. Styles can change! ;)

I am glad everyone is enjoying these articles so far.