Sunday, October 17, 2010

"To The Bat... Serial"

One of my all time favorite super heroes is Batman.  I followed his exploits in D. C.'s many comics, including Detective, Brave & Bold, etc., and relished the camp of the TV series with Adam West & Burt Ward and the many great actors turned villains for that show.  I slowed in my enthusiasm for the movies, which hit or missed with me.  But I still love the old comics.  So, I was delighted to find that the Golden Age of Comic Book Stories, at thins link, posted some of the Sunday Batman Comic strips from years ago. If you like Batman, take a look.


John Matthew Stater said...

I hope you've seen the new animated Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It makes many nods to the campy old show, has tons of obscure cameos by DC heroes and villains, and is always great fun.

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Matt.

Yes, when it was first aired on Fox in the mid 90's +, since then I have not followed the re-airings.

Then again, though I like cartoons in general, I no longer subscribe to cable-TV, this; as part of a regulated effort to maximize my quality time. I understand that the new airing is being carried by a Canadian cable station.

They'll be released on DVD soon enough if they haven't already been, that is. That will give me the option of buying the 65 installments and then finding the free time to watch them.

Falconer said...

Here you go, Rob. I know you love Julie Newmar as much as I do:


Rob Kuntz said...

Hey Phillip. You are so right. Julie was the bomb then when I was 12 years of age. Meow... Great seeing the clip; and thanks!