Monday, February 8, 2010

Black Festival Received From Printer

Black Festival was received from the printer today and I will be traveling to Noble Knight Games and autographing and numbering these some time this week.  This may occur Tuesday or Wednesday.  I say "May" because our area of Wisconsin is under a winter storm advisory which would make extended travel (like this 120 mile round trip) dicey.  In any case, the likelihood that these will be available some time during the week end or slightly afterwards is very high.  I will provide specifics as my fight with Wisconsin weather unfolds.  These Chapbooks look really cool, btw.  :)


Timeshadows said...

That is really great news.

Please stay safe if you do go.

Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks TS--I will sacrifice 4 dozen rimy-ice-licks to Ymir before proceeding. ;)

Timeshadows said...

Ooh, I like the salty-lime pops the best! Although salty-orange and salty-watermelon aren't bad, either. :D

grodog said...

Sounds great Rob! My folks got in NJ hammered with 27 inches of snow last weekend, on top of the two large snowfalls from the previous week, so hopefully the WI weather gods will treat you a bit better :D


Anonymous said...

This past weekend was the second biggest snowfall the Philadelphia area has had! The first was in 1993. I think we are like 8 or 9 inches away from having the most snow ever in a Philadelphia winter. We are expected to get another 17 inches today or by Wednesday.

But thankfully for WI, they say our weather is because of "El Nino" and hopefully that will mostly effect coastal weather.

It's not bad for me because I do not drive due to living in the city of Philadelphia. Since I walk everywhere the snow doesn't slow me down too much. However, I wish all of you in WI a mostly snow-free week so that travel is easy for the successful & speedy release of Black Festival.


Rob Kuntz said...

Snowed in for the next two days. So it's likely Thursday that I will get to NKG. In between I do what I do best in such situations--write... :)