Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From The Desk Top: Hither, Tither and Yon

From the Desktop:  Hither, Tither & Yon

Just a smattering of things, updates, thoughts, links and think...

I will be moving very soon, so PPP is not committing to any new release because of that until after I am settled in the new homestead.   I am working on getting most projects into publishable form up and until then.  This includes:

*Castle El Raja Key:  Levels 1-3 (@11,000 words)
*Dungeon Trappings #1 (editing/layout)
*Drystaff the Wizard:  Four Fabulous Tales (proofing/layout)
*Citadel of the Fire Lord (outlined with maps finished and intro written)
*The Boreal Level (Map finished, Intro written, extensive outline and appendix designs complete)

LOTGD blog will probably see less posting during the move time, so I encourage all authors here to take their stab at posting something of creative interest.  If not, then please enjoy the sound of silence until I get back online and situated.  If you wish to become an author here, please email me with what you have in mind:  I will be announcing the exact move time in the next two weeks.


GaryCon2:  I will be running Castle El Raja Key during the Con, March 19-21.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with the Gygax family, Flint Dille,Tom Wham, Mike Carr and a host of peers, fans and gamers.  I will be acting as an airport shuttle for my friend Allan Grohe, and no doubt he and I will  have a great discussion during the ride to the con in Lake Geneva.


NTRPGCon Event:  I am designing a 4th-6th level dungeon based on Ramsey Dow's Dungeon Sets maps for North Texas RPGCon in June, entitled, "DUNGEON of DEATH".  Yeah.  Happy times ahead for adventurers in that... ;)


OUT OF THE BOX:  I will be doing some supplementary design work for Kyrinn's upcoming Urutsk World of Mystery RPG, specifically adventure material related to that as well as some editing and consulting work.  More on that as it develops.  The main idea is to provide some extra polish if and when needed to what Kyrinn has already accomplished through her hard work and devotion to this highly creative project, her baby.  It is an honor to do so.  Kyrinn's moniker here & there is Timeshadows, and this die-hard designer has been working hard and long to do justice to the idea of not only a new world constructed from top to bottom like my own World of Kalibruhn, but she has made solid strides in fashioning game rules which mesh with that world in a cohesive way, thus, and in my estimation, furthering such holistic design bases as revealed in predecessors like Empire of the Petal Throne. I will also be posting updates here on my participation within such projects and have invited Timeshadows to author here on this or other related subjects when she has time to do so.


Dan of Goblinoid Games furnished me with review copies of LABYRINTH LORD, ADVANCED EDITION COMPANION and MUTANT FUTURE.  I was most excited about seeing Mutant Future, as it takes a step towards something else besides another OD&D clone and associated adventures, which IMO are beyond their saturation point.  Now, having read major portions of it, I give it a thumbs up, particularly for that reason--it's different, just like MA was different to D&D back in 1976 when we play-tested it (my PC sawed itself in half with a vibro-blade, and I still don't like those flow-charts that Ward invented and would never use them myself, but it was funny in a grim sort of way...).  Honestly, though, and as I have stressed time and time again here, at PPP's forums, and elsewhere, I feel that more innovation is needed with these types of products.  What I mean by this is "uniqueness."  Whereas MF shows some of this I will single out the monsters, not all of them, but some; and of course the monsters/critters are sculptable by adding in the mutations, I really feel that there's a lack when a black pudding comes at us again.  Now some of us may love black puddings, and of course I was exposed to my first back in 1972--but isn't this just a way bit beyond being passe? My nicely put challenge to GG and anyone else stuck in coming up with this stuff is to wait rather than fill in designs with concepts that have already been done. If the author gets stuck, hey, contact some imaginative whiz like E. G. Palmer, or someone else.  E.G. creates these things for a living at his blog. I think he does it in his dreams and then wakes up and writes them down.  Anyway... Make use of the creative talent out there and bring some imagination to bear on the concept of endless fantasy.  My two cents.  I like the quality of GG's products, btw, and appreciate Dan's overall great attitude and above-board communication standards.  There are sparks in MF, and I hope that these sparks lead to a great roaring fire of imaginative products for it in the future. Quite honestly, attitude has everything to do with proper direction, so GG already has a step up in that category.  It feels good because it is presented with no pretense, and as I noted, it is of very good physical quality and has some good to superb interior art.  Given some extra creative design flourishes, heck, I might even be tempted to add a gaggle of creative mutations myself, such as an assemblage of interesting spider-like creatures that I have in mind. 


Behind-the-Scenes Cooperative Project:  I can finally hint at this... This has been in the works for the last 6 months and is finally coming forward. It went from my desktop, to Andy Taylor, back to me, and then on to Journalizer (Lauren Hawkins).  I cannot  say much about it for now other than this is being worked on in concert with NTRPGCon's host and co-founder, Douglas Rhea and with further involvement at the primary level by a prominent ex-TSR artist.  There will be an official announcement on this soon.  I will tell you that it does involve a dragon and some castles...  Much more in a couple of months.  


Black Festival & Drystaff:  The Cimmerian nicely noted our recent fiction release of Black Festival in an encouraging article which also mentioned my intentions for publishing the Drystaff cycle of fiction.  I am very appreciative for this exposure and will not disappoint. Their website is professionally at the TOP, by the way. Great content.


A New Wolfar Story in the Works:  After an email exchange with Timeshadows I was encouraged to start outlining a new Wolfar story, "A Blight of Wolves."  Thanks for the inspiration TS!  It's funny where one can derive inspiration from if you remain open to it.  I have proceeded to write it, as one must strike when the iron is hot!


Two friends/fans (an artist and a major businessman) have recently encouraged me to consider publishing my Supplement V (see original MS here). As well, in an email discussion with another designer, the subject of my SAVING THROW system outlined in that supplement came up.  My question to the fans, followers and designers here: would there be any interest in this?  


Back to packing and cleaning and other.  I will be silent posting for the next 2-4 days unless it is to answer posts/emails.  Ciao!



Timeshadows said...

Supplement V: Kalibruhn
...When McKinney published Carcosa as Sup.V, a few thought it would be interesting if every additional LBB sup. were entitled V.
--I'd certainly like to see yours from BitD, as they say. It would be neat to see the organic evolution from so close to the originals.

Re: Filling in: Yes, I have a few topics warming up for that period during your move. :)

You are a busy man, Rob. :D

Timeshadows said...

Thanks, also, for the plugs.
--I think what we're working on will be the proof to the (mutated black-)pudding. ;D

Rob Kuntz said...

I appreciate the Carcosa material by Geoffrey; but I had staked my claim 30 years before hand. Heh. ;) Though created 1975/1976, the original was sold at auction in 2006, btw.

It would not take long to recodify the matter and release it, similar to the approach that we adopted for #'s 1 & 2, with less reference to the world, per se, and more to the mechanics/amendments I was proposing at the time, which differed in some degrees from the norm on a case by case basis. Then again, some of it expanded in new ways on existing forms as well. It would certainly add new dimensions of thought and possible integration by designers, or so I feel. I would also include what is mentioned in the description at NKG.

But too busy to post when moving. :) Thanks for considering posting something.

Rob Kuntz said...

"Plugs" is so luke-warmish. This is an investiture, plain and simple, and out in the open. The more you work on this dream of yours, the more people see it grow, the more others become respondent and in turn dream themselves. It is play and creation in action and form and is worthy of the words spent, so you are welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Moving, Rob!
I have a list of posts I want to put on my own blog and on yours-- like that combined short story we wrote. I will be getting to that soon.

Now I have to go manifest a Dragon. I will be sure to stay away from its fiery breath and huge talons ;)

I am but a quick email away, so please let me know if ever I can help.

Badmike said...

Thanks for the NTRPG Con shout outs Rob. Looks like both sessions of Dungeon of Death are already full...and you haven't even filled the dungeon yet! Nice!

I'm very interested in Timeshadow's project, been following the Urutsk playtests, and you should think about attending NTRPG Con sometime in the future, TS. Good OSR vibe and a good audience to promote your product or just brainstorm/network with....

Timeshadows said...

@Rob: Yes, Thank you.
--Thanks for that most recent e-mail, too. :D

@Journalizer: A dragon, eh?
--> curious <-- ;D

@Badmike: Thanks for your continued interest in Urutsk and the UWoM RPG.

I certainly hope to attend NTRPG soonish.
--The downturn affected the Security Business much sooner than other sectors, but things are looking up for me in that regard. That would greatly facilitate travel out of state. :D


Rob Kuntz said...

@Badmike: But Mike, It's a "Dungeon of Death." I didn't think I needed to stock it... lol! Actually, incorporating a lot of new stuff into it. As usual, it will be fun to the end... ;) TS deserves a white rose in her efforts for Classic Gaming and Game Design, truth be told.

@Journalizer: Aww. Thanks. No kissing and telling in this case, as the lid of secrecy is firmly attached to said project until the spell Serten's Simmering Silence runs its course. The metaphysical sleuths we created will unite in a story, then let the ignorant and the sophists beware!

@TS. Shine on crazy diamond...

Anonymous said...

Roger that.

"Top Secret" is my middle name.

My lips are sealed until our mission is declassified.

Over and out.

Rob Kuntz said...

I am happy that everyone is in as "silly a mood" as I am this morning, sun, snow, and all...

Declassified indeed. :)


Badmike said...

Rob: I figured a name like "Dungeon of Death"...old school con...old school players...old school'd just drop a 50 ton weight on them first room and have them all roll up new characters!

TS: If you do think about attending this year please email me from the NTRPG Con site....we are always looking for new/intriguing/bizarre games to promote (and Urutsk fits the bill!)

Dan of Earth said...

Thanks for the mention Rob, and I'm glad you're enjoying the books! I'd love to see those spider creatures you mention!

Timeshadows said...

@Badmike: I'll head on over there after I write a bit more about the earliest cultures of Urutsk.
--I'd love to attend; I'll have to see if the logistics work toward that end.
--Thanks! :D

Tom said...

Hope the move goes well Mr. Kuntz!

Looks like you have a busy schedule in the next few months. Looking forward to the new releases. Maybe I'm reading too much between the lines but *could you be possibly hinting at a NEW game concept to be released?* via behind the scenes project?. As for moving I'm in the same boat, moving back to the city to persue an art's perfomance career. The packing and unpacking is a pain. New places to see, walks become an adventure of discovery and fun. New faces and people to talk to. Found a really brilliant used book store/old stone house. Need to find new haunts.

Rob Kuntz said...

@Dan. No problem. And thanks for gracing my library with these. As for the spiders, they are a group work in progress. I shall let you know. Think of "The Invincible" for starters. :)

@Delve. Yeah. Same with me. A new place, though larger, but great atmosphere, hardwood floors, superb (day)-lighting and high ceilings. Good luck with your own move. As for the secret, I cannot reveal anything upon it as yet, sorry. But this blog and NTRPGCon's will announce it the same day, this I am sure of. :)

AndreasDavour said...

I would love to see your Supp V, Rob!

Hopefully you will have a good time moving. It's fun to shake up oneself and explore strange new places. :)

Joethelawyer said...

I'd love to see the Supp V too Rob. Hey where are you moving? Within have a beer distance of CT?

James said...

Though I've been on OSR overload, for the past few days, I would definitely like to see your Supp. V!

irbyz said...

> Though I've been on OSR overload, for the past few days, I would definitely like to see your Supp. V!

So would I... still a sore point, that one. ;)
Hope you do consider going with the cover you mentioned previously, Rob!

Excellent "forthcoming" list and best wishes for the move - good to be looking forward and trust that won't be too traumatic.

Rob Kuntz said...

Joe: A day late, here. I wish I was moving to a warm weather climate with all of this snow, though I understand that New York has upwards of 6 feet of it.

Nope, won't be moving within "beer range" and if I did we'd have to substitute same for a nice shiraz around this time of year. ;)

James: OSR overload? :) Well, I consider my part "Classic"; in fact. Wasn't OD&D named "Classic"?Better for me (as it was for Gary and Dave and others) than all of this "Old" and withered, and gramps getting up and showing young-whipper-snappers, and I walked three miles in the durn snow and only ate desiccated orange peels for lunch and liked it and didn't complain, yada, yada. In fact some CLASSIC changes are upcoming after my move, stay tuned...

Irbyz: I may have a cure for your being confounded about that "loss", later with an email on that. I suppose I could have already mentally noted your vote, anyway. :) Just for everyone's information, I really detest moves. Robilar has done a few too many in his life, but this one looks to be long-term (as opposed to the short term illness of constant motion). Moving my library (uhh, guessing at this point at between 1,200-1,600 books, mostly hard bound) is never as cheery as reading its selections...

grodog said...

Hi Rob---

I'm always interested in your projects, and it sounds like you're busier than ever, which is good! Do keep me up to date on your mailing address, please---I hate to make the same mistake three or fourteen times ;)

Talk to you soon,


irbyz said...

> I suppose I could have already mentally noted your vote, anyway. :)

That's a given, Rob, even if I'm not the one who has to do the work... :) Sorry!
I wasn't nudging too hard/often early on when there were many other issues ongoing and still trying to get your feet on the ground, but on a very encouraging upswing now and know there's strong interest/demand out there. (Even if you do still undersell yourself sometimes, IMHO ;)

+1 for the top-down campaign world note above, of course...

Aside from the obvious, the worst of the issues from the Kalibruhn ms. auction was that too many eggs were put into the one misrepresented basket and as a result a large amount of material that should've/could've been kept together ended up split elsewhere (the majority unread, given other pers. comms.) because there was no way to cover all possible outcomes on the sales.

Rob Kuntz said...

@Grodog. Thanks Gro--keep me informed about your flight times if they change.

@DW: Thanks. Of course [disclaimer] I was not in charge of those auction events or listings... Email me with specifics on this when you have a chance, please, and I shall see what I can do to fill in the gaps.

Shifting the shipping/receiving & stocking/inventory off of my back has allowed me to concentrate exclusively on what I do best, which is to create and manage, in that order. Thanks for the kudos, David, as I know coming from you that they are indeed sincere. Talk with you later.

Shane Mangus said...

Supplement V? I think that is a resounding HELL YES!!! Looking at the auction picture I am intrigued with some of the scribblings. I hope you publish it, and I can't wait to see the final product.

Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks P.S. I appreciate the nod. I am most excited about bringing the additional spell concepts to light.
With more affirmations such as yours I will be seriously considering this as a 2010 project.