Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eric Pape


Timeshadows said...

Varied and diverse scope of artwork.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art. I can learn a lot from these images.

Love the cats. Mom and kitten with his lil' paws sticking out of his kitten pants. Adorable.

Rob Kuntz said...

He was quite the artist, perhaps even influencing Vrigil Finaly with his stipple work as the following article suggests. He ran a school of art as well in Boston. His work for the Arabian Nights is his best, IMO. I'll scan some of those pages and post them as an extension of this post at some future time, The book contains several hundred illustrations of various sizes and categories.

Article on Eric Pape:

Rob Kuntz said...

Hmm. Why is the link cut? Let's try again.

Rob Kuntz said...

I guess it's time for me to learn to embed these, as Journalizer was trying to instruct me upon... :)

Anonymous said...

Well... I can understand why more people don't put links in their comments. It adds extra time/complication to writing comments. Especially because it's not so simple to learn the HTML. Or maybe I am just slow in learning such a mess of letters (Synesthesia).

However, practice makes perfect and I've been adding links to comments for a long while now. So it is like second nature when I am typing.

This is how it goes. When I want to add a link to what I am typing I type:
<a href=
Then I paste the link in quotes:
Then I close the link with >
and type what I want the link to say, such as: Eric Pape
and I close the tag with this </a>

Which gives me:
Eric Pape

See, it's kinda complicated. So sometimes it's just easier to paste the URL, then it is to make it a link.

OK, now speaking of Eric Pape; Amazing work! I had not heard of him. As the author of the webpage states, he is a mystery. Obviously a genius. I enjoy looking at his work. Thanks for the URL!

Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks for the lesson, Lauren. :) Very nice of you. I am very glad you enjoyed the samples.