Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Inspirational Art


Jay said...

These are some great finds! Lot's to yoink--thanks for posting!

Timeshadows said...

Ooh, nice! :D

Is the first one Rama and Sita after she passed through the flames?

I remember owning that issue of epic!
--Great stuff.

rafael beltrame said...

funny thing, i was just looking at a very god site with amazing art work!

E.G.Palmer said...

Nice choices,Rob! I'm especially a fan of Kay Nielson.

Rob Kuntz said...

@TS: I believe the title says 1001 Knights.Though your eye sees to be right on in a sense... Hmm. But EG is right, as it is Kay Nielson. I don't keep track of all images I grab. The last is Escher. I noted similarities to Tramp's work and to Otus's in some cases.

@Rafael. Cool. Not my taste overall for the WPs there, but the first image is cool.

@Jay Enjoy!