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Is it Science Fiction or Reality?

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Journalizer's email to a friend on January 13, 2010

On July 21st 2008 I had an experience that changed my life and made me question all I've ever known. This experience made me realize my vision is different from other people and maybe even significant. A friend of mine thought I "lost energy" during trauma I experienced and suggested I have three Shamans she knows, that are Reiki Healers, “journey” to my energy and reclaim it for me. I agreed to meet with the Shamans out of curiosity, however, I did not really take any of it seriously. I mean, I wanted to believe it, but I was pretty sure it's just "hocus pocus." in fact, when my friend told me about her Shamanic adventures I kept thinking to myself, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Long story short: While the Shamans journeyed to my energy I lied down with my eyes closed and watched the "glowing pixels" in my vision do stuff. It is not until the Shamans were finished that they told me what they did on their journey. This discussion completely and utterly shocked and amazed me because everything they did, down to very specific details, was exactly what the "glowing pixels" did in my vision.

This event absolutely astonished me. I walked through that Shaman’s house afterwards in a daze. My brain could not process what had happened because it did not align with my concept of reality. I was completely floored.

The first thing I did was google "reiki healing" and then I discovered a Reiki School where I attended class shortly there after. The same thing continued to happen in these classes. Each time someone did Reiki I "saw" the things they intended with the energy.

I have a background of disbelief and ignorance to spirituality (public education) and so I could not believe that this was something real and I wondered why I was never told about this. And what are the possibilities? I obsessed and painted paintings and wrote about my experience.

I was eager to meet someone who has similar eyesight/vision than I. I met people at Reiki school that have seen ghosts and we all experienced intuition with our "third eye" (more stuff not mentioned in public education) but the "glowing pixels" I see are in my "real", "earthly" vision and I could not find anyone who relates.

However, I recently discovered examples of people who see the "glowing pixels." There is a website called where people can ask if other people relate to the world similarly or not. Here is a link to a page where someone asked "Is it normal to see colorful dots?" My comment is under the handle "astralvision."

Is it Science Fiction or Reality?


Anonymous said...

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Compared to all there is to know and understand, humanity has only begun its education. There's a lot to be said for science and its objective approach to reality, but every system of thought lends itself to dogmatism. I can't say with any certainty what is possible or not -- and whoever claims such knowledge is operating under assumptions that may or may not hold true under the rigors of experience. If you haven't checked him out, track down the works of Charles Fort.

Anonymous said...

@ G. Benedicto
Well stated. Every "system of thought" is an assumption. That is a concept that is sometimes forgot.

In fact, I think it may be even more profound than that. I think those assumptions program us and perhaps oppress our true nature. They limit our potential because what if we were born into a world where the assumption was humans could fly? Or a world where there was no spoken language but only telepathy.

I think it is personal experience that we should base our beliefs on... and I think we should always question dogma.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggesting Charles Fort. I definetly have to check out his books.

Wikipedia on Charles Fort:
"...examples and data are offered, compared and contrasted, conclusions made and broken, as Fort holds up the unorthodox to the scrutiny of the orthodoxy that continually fails to account for them. Pressing on his attacks, Fort shows what he sees as the ridiculousness of the conventional explanations and then interjects with his own theories."

Rob Kuntz said...

>I think it is personal experience that we should base our beliefs on... and I think we should always question dogma<

Community <> Self. Dogma <> Free Thought.

Creative <> Imitative (Piaget's theorem) Compete <> Contest (Boyd & Spolin)

Open <> Closed. Arriving at conclusions <> Adopting Opinions

Child: "The ice is blue."
Adult: "No it isn't."

Conditioned <> Free will

Rev. Lazaro said...

All I gotta say about the colored dots in vision:

Of course, what I'm interpreting from their description is Phosphenes, but for all I know they really are "seeing pixels" and energy and I just can't fathom it the same.

irbyz said...

r: > Child: "The ice is blue."
Adult: "No it isn't."

But it /is/ blue... /

j: >I think it is personal experience that we should base our beliefs on... and I think we should always question dogma<

And we should always question "personal experience", too, IMO. ;)


Rob Kuntz said...

Reposted due to edit...

Hi David,

The point wasn't that it isn't blue, the point is that the child is expressing seeing things and experiencing things as an abstract experience which is immediately routed back to rational conformity, thus moulding over time, as psychologists have learned, their perceptions into a Yes <> No Right <> Wrong paradigm. Of course the child will experience what colors are, but when the child is abstracting, seeing things in that way, he or she is learning through expression and adaptation, as well as they should before the world throws its 'tarpaulin of transformation' upon them.

As for questioning experiences I should say so as well, especially if they come from the TV...

Anonymous said...

@ Rev. Lazaro
That is fascinating about the Phosphenes. Perhaps that's what the "glowing pixels" are. The description of the form constants are very intriguing to me because the description sounds the same as the "glowing pixels" look, however, I do not need to be in an altered state to see them. I see them all the time.

What is interesting about what the wiki article says about the form contants-- I have had a near death experience and I also have synesthesia (I wrote about it as a teenager in this story, but did not know it was called synesthesia until later).

Thanks for this information. I am going to research it further.

Anonymous said...

@ irbyz
"And we should always question 'personal experience', too"

I completely agree with you. That's why I went out searching for more related experiences. The same thing repeated itself so many times that I have no question anymore.

In the future I will post more journal entries on my blog about the related experiences.

Rob Kuntz said...

Followup: on my previous... IOW, it impedes the natural growth of the abstract process when so repeated, stifling that part of the growth process as a child becomes reliant on rational interpretation by authority figures, thus routing the thinking process to a conformed dependancy of thought which is not creatively adaptive.

Surprised... as the Bronte children were allowed to express in this open-air and creative way en toto and while still learning in a dynamic atmosphere; and we all know the genius effects promoted from that holistic learning environment.

biopunk said...

It's pure b.s.

Or fiction without any science...

Timeshadows said...

@Journaliser: I would add this: Learn from Reiki, but don't learn to think like Reiki adherents. Like any particular, it is a pie-slice of the indivisible whole that is being examined, and the purity of sheer novice is soon muddled and befuddled with 'system'.
--This would be my suggestion about any systematised methodology, including the Scientific Method.

Regarding energy and seeing it and phosphenes and all that: There is a lot more energy in the cosmos than we are taught to recognise, let alone interpret.
--If this is working something wondrous for you, enjoy it and learn from it, but keep your head on your shoulders. You ought to be just fine.

Last bit: If you don't already do this, learn to laugh (healthily/happily) at yourself.
--There are a lot of things that happen in one's life just to allow us to really have a good guffaw over. I personally believe that there is a Someone who wrote those jokes in along with everything else, but as always, YMMV. :D


Rob Kuntz said...

Life is more interesting than fiction. What was the quote by Clancey? "What is the difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."
This of course based on what we know. They tried string theory, then M theory and the 11th D, to prove the Big Bang. Now we have Parallel Unvrs. colliding into each other to explain Einstein's 'singularity', but that to me just replaces the one question with another, like--how did these unvsrs get created to be able to collide to begin with? To me, just fresh paint on the old singularity sign...

Anyway. Millions of years later, Billions and Billions of planets, we have no answers, yet we are assured that we know enough to scoff at anything unscientific? They're talking about parallel Universes as real for god's sake! That was once the provence of mystics only. So... Maybe science IS discovering that the natural order of things IS NOT explainable by a standard of rationale we know of or can perceive. Just maybe, when it's all done, they might turn their pants inside out and see the lining...

Anonymous said...

@ biopunk
I know exactly how you feel. That's how I felt when my friend told me about her Shaman experiences.

However, once you experience it you know it is true.

I would not expect anyone to believe anything they do not have personal experience with-- because that would just be faith. However, sadly, dogma (such as most science) is taken on faith.

Anonymous said...

You communicate such wisdom.
I entirely agree with you. Your statement is very powerful -- "pie-slice of the indivisible whole that is being examined" -- because it applies to everything. The only truth is personal experience (knowledge of self).

At first I approached Reiki the way in which you warn against. Then, after experience, I saw the same dogma as presented in science, religion, public schools... (which basically means assumptions about the "whole" rather than specifics about the "self" through personal experience).

And your comment about laughing is relevant to some of the conclusions I've drawn from my experiences.

[Disclaimer: these views are subject to change based on further experience]

From a broad "indivisible whole" perspective, everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Matter is low frequency, then the frequency raises with the less denser matter such as liquids then gasses... all the way up to the highest frequency: the ether (my interpretation rendered in post's image).

Therefore, our (nonmaterial) thoughts are energy at a higher frequency. Good thoughts are higher frequency, bad thoughts are lower frequency. Needless to say we should pick the good thoughts in order to attract that same frequency of energy into our lives (good). However, I will take it one step further.

The ether (the foundation of everything) is the highest frequency and thus goodness and love (therefore "good" is our default: humans are inherently good). I think our goal in life is to get to that: the fundamental origin of everything (consciousness, ie. our self).

Therefore, I believe happiness propels the ether vortex. I think high frequency is the most efficient and productive frequency for energy. I think it is the fuel of our existence.

This is all symbolized in organized religions by devil and god. Devil is the lowest frequency (material) and the farthest from our goal to return to our origin (low frequency is unproductive, inefficient). God is the ether-- our origin.

In short: "learn to laugh (healthily/happily) at yourself."

Anonymous said...

Timeshadows, if you look at the paintings I have on my blog to illustrate what happened during this post's experience, you may recognize the painting I call "energy bubble".

Even though I painted that directly after my 7/21/08 experience and I knew NOTHING about these things, I think that is a representation of a "kundalini awakening" (though I think mine is a slow, slow progress-- perhaps from lack or intent and/or ignorance?). Later, as I learned more about this, I started painting the kundalini as a serpent crawling up the spine.

This is relevant to what I was just writing about the fundamental origin of everything (ether) as love. I think it is all a catch 22, much like in science when the observer creates the observed (which I think is a part of the conclusion we came to in the comments of the "Re: Creative Stirrings" LotGD post).

If you want a really good read about a powerful experience of a full kundalini awakening please read this article about a personal experience.
The last paragraphs of that linked article are especially profound.

Timeshadows said...

I had typed in a reply that didn't survive contact with my pressing 'publish'.

I'll mull over what I had said and debate sharing it publicly or via e-mail.

> ponder-ponder... <

Rob Kuntz said...

Btw. Through all this give and take, I forgot to say how nice the thought of sharing such an experience is to anyone who can be appreciative of shared experiences like myself; and further, that I really liked the art for this, it captures the story of sharing and growth as well. Very beautiful, all.

Timeshadows said...
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Timeshadows said...

@Journalizer: The gist of my post regarded the High Energy path that you seem to be on, and how I felt very excited for whatever further discoveries you have awaiting you.
--My own experiences with Kundalini were very different than that described in the linked-to-article, and while I felt that two of the three events achieved what I had hoped, its power paled in comparison to the relationship I had with Hashem, so much so that I felt I had received the objective lesson that the exercise could teach, and seen beyond it, to the Source behind all powers. That third time, not brought to Crown, was the last time I had attempted it.

I do wonder, though, whether those particular exercises actually had achieved anything, or if Hashem had simply answered what was, ostensibly, a prayer by a naive and well-intentioned explorer.
--I am now (18 or so years on) inclined to think that at that moment, they were one in the same. :)

Beautiful artwork, spirit of openness innocence (in the purest sense), and very kindly shared with us.
--Thank you Journalizer. :D

oops, so sorry about the mis-spell on the previous post.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like my art. Thank you, and thank you for this venue to share experiences.

I believe they are one and the same. As "a naive and well-intentioned explorer" you accomplished powerful knowledge by experience. All it takes is intent: "Ask and you shall receive."

Thank you for sharing. It is good to know about how others approach the mysterious. I am glad to find people who are open minded and creative enough to explore reality. I've even been emailed by someone visiting this post on LotGD who wrote, "I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone, I experience them [glowing pixels] also. They are real and not imagined."

It is freeing to discover how thin the line between Science Fiction and Reality really is. Imagine the possibilities.

Timeshadows said...


Indeed, 'on the threshold of a dream', as The Moody Blues said it. :)


Rob Kuntz said...

@Journalizer: The more I look at the art piece, the more I like it. The beagles are an extra fine touch, and I know that you are an animal enthusiastic/defender (re: "Puppies are Biodegradable", IIRC the title).

Andrew (better known as Drew) said...

Descartes and Freud would have sooo much fun with this...

Rob Kuntz said...

Descartes would have fun; IMO Freud was a bore... Though a very influential one...

Timeshadows said...

Re: Freud: Sometimes a unicorn standing next to a chair over which are draped your father's pants, is nothing but a unicorn standing next to a chair over which are draped your father's pants, after all.

By sometimes dey ain't.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rob.
Like Timeshadows suggested, the painting is supposed to represent nature. The beagles are supposed to illustrate nature being attracted towards the powerful energy in the center. The shape of that energy is key. After the experience I was fixated on the beauty of the shape and it's soft, smooth, undulating, organic transfiguration. The following link is one of the first representations I made of the shape in it's first configuration with the Shamans: 7/21 Energy
Also in the painting, there are hieroglyphs illustrated on the stone masses in the background. That is supposed to symbolize ancient wisdom:the hieroglyphs and all the Shaman representations.
I call this painting "Is It a Dream?" Which is a metaphor for not only the picture depicted in the painting, but also the "Big Picture."
I am working on other related paintings.

bubbagump, Descartes and Freud have different perceptions for consciousness. It would be fascinating if Timeshadow's Unicorn could travel time like her handle suggests and everyone could discuss ;)

p.s. Timeshadows, you read my mind with, 'on the threshold of a dream'

p.p.s. Rob, my word verification is "hound."

Timeshadows said...

@Journalizer: I really dig your mind. :)