Thursday, November 12, 2009


I receive many invites from old friends, associates, past partners and fans to connect at various places on the internet.  I am currently on Linked In, Myspace and Facebook.  I will not subscribe to all placess as I do not wish to be spammed endlessly.  I do not maintain a Yahoo or Gmail mailing account (or other) and for the same reasons.  There is also a Q&A forum specifically dedicated to me on Dragonsfoot where questions may be posted.  Our old forums will be reconstituted into a newer format sans Yuku's involvement, but this is a great chore so right now they are getting little or no attention, but I still do ocassionally get an email through that board's extended services.  To make it easier on me, consider direct contact through the email link provided below.

My email is here.

I receive hundreds of fan mails a year and generally answer them all and quickly, time permitting.  Otherwise I can not offfer connecting outside of these mediums and methods, sorrry.

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