Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dungeon Set #3 Update/Dungeon Trappings Insert

Dungeon Set™#3 (levels 13-18) will be released at the end of December/beginning of the New Year with The Boreal Level.  Ramsey will be finishing he maps by the 3rd week in December.  As previously announced, we are pleased as pixie-punch to announce that Gene Palmer (of Old Guard Gaming Accouterments) has designed a special 2,000 word+ DUNGEON TRAPPINGS™ insert for it, detailing many bits of magic and treasure that can be used immediately in stocking these levels or can alternately be used in a DM's campaign however they see fit.  I read Gene's first pass with glee, in fact, and wrote him back that it was spot on.  Gene will be doing some design work for the DUNGEON TRAPPINGS™ full sets and is a very fine writer and very creative, so we welcome him to do as much for us as he likes.  More on this as the 'TRAPPINGs take form.


E.G.Palmer said...

I'm very pleased to contribute to the Dungeon Settings project, Rob!

I'm chewing over several other ideas for future contributions, and I'll be sending them in to you as they become clearer.

Rob Kuntz said...

No problem here, Gene. Send away. This is all great stuff, as are many of your insights on your own blog.

I especially appreciated the Night Lord's Cloak and how that is put to use in game terms. It has lots more dimension than a normal magic item, and that's always raising the bar IMO.

LazerZ said...

So, there will be 18 levels in total? Or will there be further Dungeon Sets past the 3rd?

I'm really looking forward to getting Sets 1 & 2.

Rob Kuntz said...

Hey Lord Zack!

There will be four sets total for this run (so 24 levels). This is our "standard" dungeon setting, though we have detailed out others less than standard, like whole complexes set around different themes, such as elemental abodes, planar pockets, and more off-beat (although IMO) much more interesting play environments.

Everyone should have their orders by or around Thanksgiving.