Friday, November 6, 2009

The Lord of the Blog Has Returned

Well, The Lord of the Blog has returned.

If you believe I was on vacation, guess again. :)

With the failure of 3 free-lance manuscripts (2 of which PPP paid a heap of advances on) to materialize I have been about staunching the wounds and now announce that with Ramsey Dow's help, that they are staunched. Six Weeks of schedule reordering to redo the schedule, art ordering, cost estimates, etc. was but the start. Then came the new products, two of which will be released the 15th of this month and which some of you know about (more on that in another post), and the ordering of the release schedule for the new line (DUNGEON SETS™) and the re-convening on my GH Castle levels (which were pushed in the 9 month slash of time and revenue as a dominoes effect of the previous aforementioned products not materializing).

In between I suffered great fatigue and a bout of depression (No Kidding). I had encouraged others to post here, but, alas, no one has opted to do that. So, between fire and foe and burning flesh (to Odin and Thor) we are finally rolling again, and with solid wheels.

For those who believe a life of an artist is easy, couple that with self-publishing and doing all the work (now with Ramsey's help) and you would be wrong on both counts. In fact on my birthday I was at home writing and planning, did not have a drop of liquor or cake (someone ate that a long time ago...), and would not have remembered it if the Facebook crew and those here had not wished me one. Thanks again, btw.

More... I have agreed to a very, very, very long interview and am readying notes for that, I have rough-designed an award that will be presented at next years Texas RPG Con (which I will be at as a guest and DM and as the presenter of said award), and I have started writing my memoirs (a two year chore which I am long-handing on vellum with a M200 Pelikan fountain pen--I long-hand about 2 pages/day), I considered a relationship in between, thought better, and instead made linguini in clam sauce....

I am at the moment drinking coffee (can you tell?), though I do not consider it coffee so much anymore, rather blood as it appears to have replaced my own these days. That should bring me right up to date for the moment, plus or minus 10 other things.

More posts to follow after my caffeine high has subsided. :)



E.G.Palmer said...

Huzzah! The Lord returns to his castle!

AndreasDavour said...

Welcome back, Lord!

Too bad to hear of your misfortunes Rob. Let's hope the fogs clear upon clear and beautiful vistas up ahead!

Timeshadows said...

Hang in there! :D

grodog said...

Good to see you back, Rob :D


Rob Kuntz said...

Thanks TS! Time marches on, yes? Who's the drummer for this parade? Fire the bastard, would you? ;)

Allan: Good to see you too, as the place was vacant while I was about my travels (travails?). Except for the Birthday cake session. Did someone save me a piece?

Andreas: Thanks for the hearty welcome back. How's life? (Only answer if it was worse than mine during the my hiatus...) ;)

EG--yes, the Electron Castle, complete with keyboard and oogly-googly noises and whirling thinga-ma-jigs. Now if I only had some cake... ;)