Saturday, November 21, 2009

New (Old) Map For Original Campaign/Boreal Level Update/Other

I am redrawing a very large level (see sample) that EGG adventured on with his group back in the day.  The original was lost so I am redoing this from memory:  "The Orcky Level" (or aka, "Grumch's Grotto").  It was originally placed 100 miles NE of the City/Castle.  This is where EGG found the Iron Bands of Bilaro (from Unearthed Arcana).

After I do all of the penciling I then outline in black ink and place secret doors in red and down-slants in green.  I will update on its progress at various stages.  Just like my memoirs I try to do a little on it each day.

Also, the manuscript for The Boreal Level, the first in the Original Castle™ level releases, is over 5,000 words finished and I should have this in the pipeline for purchase by December (mid to late). We have a Frost King, a "strange" white dragon, ice imps and more, but for dessert:  white pudding...  ;)

Also:  The Cursed Village.  This is a cooperative design between myself and another (as yet unrevealed) designer.  My task has been to create all of the history, monster detail and framework (including mood, background, specific adventure/map details and salient magical/curse treatment and introduction) which is about 4,000 words of matter. Then the co-author will give this the once-over, then back to me for the finalization and editing/additions.  I am  currently 2,500 words into the treatment; and then we will announce who is helping with this when it's finished on my end.  The Cursed Village is a design I envisioned for the Original Campaign™ back in 1995, so it is a late addition, but it's quite deadly as a 4th-7th level adventure, and expands upon the release of one of the NINE from the Original Castle™by my old PC, Lord "R". The good thing about this one that I hit my creative stride with it and this will be great for the co-author.  Usually, and as my friends know, if I start a project it will reach its end only if I am satisfied with its total design (i.e., it maintains a consistently high creative component throughout) or else I will not force it. For those who have always wondered why about this, I am kinda like the commercial for Paul Masson done by Orson Welles (though PM is a horrid wine in most cases) where "I never release a project before its time" (or prime).

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