Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sample & Updates to DS Line

We are excited about this new product line. This has been thought out carefully and Ramsey and I have discussed the possibilities of this line by phone and have traded many, many emails to get it down right and into production. Andy Taylor has been commissioned to draw all exterior and interior art. We may have other "spot" artists doing some add-ins here or there.

Future DUNGEON SETS™ will include 1,500+ word inserts on heavy card stock, three-hole drilled, entitled DUNGEON TRAPPINGS™ This matter will resemble in type what we will be including as separate DT set releases, which as discussed in the news release will be supplemental material of various kinds, such as new magic, spells, monsters, tricks, traps and special set pieces, etc. There will generally be a pleasing mix matching the range of each Dungeon Set. I will be contributing heavily to this material in their special DS forms and as separate releases (I am already 1,200 words into DUNGEON TRAPPINGS™ #1 and have contacted another crafty designer to help with future sets). For my design end this will also include primary matter gleaned from my Original Campaign files dating back to 1973, with salient art re-rendered from my illustrations done then. None of the information will be duplicated from one line (DS>DT) to the other, but each insert will be numbered for sequential ordering and different colors will be chosen for the stock as well. We are looking at no less than 65# color stock for this, and as noted, these will be three-hole drilled, making them easily organizable in a 3-ring binder for storage and reference/extraction.


Creative Coquette said...

Rob, that happens to be my favorite map!



Al said...

This looks very interesting!

grodog said...

The preview looks great Rob and Ramsey. Thanks!


Rob Kuntz said...

Did you hear (see, experience, feel) that Ramsey? That's 2 "ALs" and 1 "Z" so far. We've got the beginning
and ending letters of the secret "Alpha-Bit" cornered, now to complete the mantra! :)

Yesmar said...

It's exciting, I know-- and there's so much more to come. In time, all of the stars shall align.

Anonymous said...

Add the letters . . R H & U!

This is some awesome excellent news!!

Well done, Sir Robilar!


All the best,


Anonymous said...


the mantra is "A Lazy Hurl" ?

Add R(ob) & R(amsey), and it's

"Larry Hurlz a" ?
still missing something...


Yesmar said...

You're killing me, Grendelwulf! ;)