Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Drive Update: Issued Numbers

I'd like to thank all of our loyal fans for participating in this drive!  :) Here is an update on the early numbered issues:

#1 of Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 went to:  Franklin Mallory

#2  of Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 went to:  The "Toadman" Zach

#3 & #4 of Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 went to:  Stu Davis


rafael beltrame said...

congratulations to the winners!

LazerZ said...

Really looking forward to receiving my copies. I find it cool that I'm getting the second issues.

Rob Kuntz said...

Lord Zack: You had quick fingers! :)

Enjoy the sets! Ramsey drew these under strictest guidelines from me after many hours of instruction on how EGG and I drew dungeon levels for Castle Greyhawk and El Raja Key. They will challenge your best players!

Have fun Zack.


Hi Rafael! How's the weather down there?

JediOre said...

Well, after church services & a potluck dinner, I didn't get home until 2pm. Congratulations to all who purchased low numbers!

LazerZ said...

I actually don't have any players at the moment. Unfortunately, the last session I ran was about two years ago, because half my gaming group moved away and went off to college. My gaming since then has primarily consisted of Play-by-Post and "Living" Forgotten Realms, which, though fun is no substitute for the real thing. I hope however to start a new campaign soon and will certainly make use of the material in the Dungeon Sets while designing the primary dungeon, which I've tentatively named Castle Acheron, in reference to the mythological river due to the castle's connection to the land of the dead.

I wanted to get a low number like I did, so I made sure to be ready at 1:00. Then I quickly proceeded to order my copy. I was delayed because I had to put in my billing information as I have not ordered from Pied Piper Publishing before. This is certain to change, as while I browsed the store I saw many interesting things.

Rob Kuntz said...

HI L! Great to have you aboard again. Was the potluck dinner good?

Zack: Cool. Then it's a definite plus having sets like these. I've drawn well over 300 maps in my time so I am not lacking for material of this type to pick and choose from for projects or con events. But some folks are just like you. They do not have the time; and then some are admittedly not too good at dungeon design, period. So these sets really fit the bill. Not to just replace a lack, but perhaps to spur one on to designing extras to go with these, as well. There's many areas open as we added in off map corridors leading to special areas each DM can then amp and stock. Each map in the series will become more challenging and creative. Ramsey is
excelling and growing as a cartographer--in fact, amazingly so IMO. He picked up the concepts of the Greyhawk Campaign's design style real fast and is looking to match if not exceed EGG's and my own talents in that regard.

Let us know how your new campaign works out for you.

JediOre said...

Was the potluck good? You bet! We have some mighty fine cooks in our congregation! One of the ladies makes a chicken dish with Ritz crackers and poppy seeds that is out of this world. It's like eating fried chicken without the bones!

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, etc. Mmmm-mmm!

I'll be able to start gaming a bit more once my Masters program concludes (hopefully this coming Summer) and I do hope to pull out several of your Pied Piper modules for my players. Since none of them come to this part of the Internet, I would love your opinion. Where in the D1-3 modules would you place a certain bottle?

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi L!

Wow, now you made me hungry (missed my ingest calories save). I was actually about to prepare something besides another 1,000 words of writing. Going strong on coffee! :)

Where to place the bottle, heh? Dunno for sure. How about in the Shrine of the Kuo-Toa? That's my bet. YMMV. :)

LazerZ said...

I wouldn't really say I'm a bad dungeon designer (I realize that you don't mean to say that I necessarily am). My players definitely seemed to like my dungeons in my last campaign. It is true that I don't have as much time as I once did, but that is not the primary reason I purchased the Dungeon Sets either. The primary reason that I did is that, as good as I may or may not be I can certainly learn a thing or two from such an experienced Dungeon Master as yourself.

If you're truly interested in knowing how my campaign goes I'll be posting about it on my blog. I'd certainly like to learn you're opinion on some of the things I've already posted about there, if you'd be willing to check it out.

Rob Kuntz said...

Oh I am glad you took my comment the right way, because I was making a point as I was answering you and said that for no other reason other than that.

I am very demanding on myself when drawing maps. I drew the "Orcky Level" for instance on 2 10 sq/inch
4-fold graph paper. Yep. And placed them side-by-side. Further, I inked in all of the rock and outlined the corridors. It took me approximately a month to draw and then key over 200 encounters. Talk about sprawling.

But as I posted on DF just minutes before responding here: "[Ramsey's] an intuitive and creative designer whose map designs he is pushing to outdo Gary's and my own! That's what I like of course. More creativity to push the limits of the game. Personally speaking, I've seen enough rehashed, retread maps for ten lifetimes."

And I hope he does. :)