Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clark Ashton Smith - Collected Fantasies Vol 5 - The Last Hieroglyph

I recently inquired about this last volume in the series of CAS's collected fantasies (highly recommended for their quality and presentation).  Here's what Tomra @ Nightshade Books wrote back:

"I just received the book from the printer and I'll be shipping it out this week.  I'm not sure exactly off the top of my head but I'm assuming we printed somewhere around 3 - 4,000. Enjoy!

Best Regards,
Tomra Palmer
Night Shade Books"

It's a go!  My order's already in.

Here are the links for those die-hard CAS collectors like me:

LINK 1  Overview order page for all 5 volumes

LINK 2  Order Page for Volume 5

"How now varlet!"  quoth Ralibar Vooz... :)

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