Sunday, November 28, 2010

Questions & Answers

I have noted that some fans who have specific questions about my works, history, etc. have been posting at the Old PPP Forums.  Unfortunately I do not frequent them with any regularity and do not wish to continue to post at YUKU as the information posted there cannot be retrieved.  Repeat:  Yuku traps your information and there is no way of mining it off of the site so far as Scottz and I have determined.

If you have questions please either e-mail me (click my profile here for the e-mail address); or, post your questions on Dragonsfoot in my Q&A section.  Though PPP's boards were established in 2002, I have been active on DF since 2004, so there are lots of questions already answered and a lot more to come.  If you don't already have an account there it's pretty easy to get one.

Here's the LINK.

Thanks for being great fans, by the way!! :)


AndreasDavour said...

I just want to let everyone know that Rob is very accessible and have gracefully answered my questions multiple times.

Many thanks, Rob!

rafael beltrame said...

mine too!
and i always have a lot of them ^^

Rob Kuntz said...

Well thanks to you both, and others, for asking them. It often jogs a memory or two and keeps the ole mind limber in that way. :)