Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Hearty Thank You To "2" Who Sought Adventure

I was sent a birthday gift by two close friends and associates, Allan Grohe, who you all may know as GRODOG here and there and who is one of the two main forces driving the RPG company, Black Blade Publishing; and David Witts, an Acaeum ancient man of wisdom and possibly one of the best RPG/Game Historians I am aware of (his assiduous and tenacious detail in verifying facts and in updating related WIKI articles in this field are only a sample of his true abilities as a scholar, historian and collector).

And as illustrated by my friend, DCS III: Lankhmar

Well, both of these chummers surprised me quite well, and pleasantly, by sending me a belated birthday gift of the Lankhmar board game--and not only one, but two copies!--which I helped design with Brad Stock, Gary Gygax, Fritz Leiber and Harry O. Fischer (that's right, I had the pleasure of designing side-by-side with Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser!).  That was back in 1975/1976, but this amazing gift stirred quite a lot of memories from meeting Fritz and Harry and talking with them at great length at an early GENCON in Lake Geneva.

Two Who "Found" Adventure:  Harry Otto Fischer and Fritz Leiber

Now I have more reason to post these memories for those who are interested in such histories.  I wish to thank Allan and David (again) for not only being great friends but for stirring so many memories from my aging brain as they have done over the years.  It's not a guarantee in life with anything, let alone having dear people who actually care, with or without the gifts behind it all.  Especially from "Two Who Sought Adventure."  :)


Timeshadows said...


Anonymous said...

Très fabuleux!


brasspen said...

Leiber's stories are great. "Ill Met In Lankhmar" (1970 Nebula novella winner; 1971 Hugo novella winner) is one of the best stories I've read or will read.

Endymion said...

Thanks for sharing. I had a (only partly related) question, though. I know Fafhrd/Leiber left this world several years ago, but I've been unable to find much information on Mouser: is he still with us? My interest is academic: I was curious if "The Mouser Goes Below" was perhaps Leiber working through his friend's passing.

Rob Kuntz said...

@Brasspen: I couldn't agree more. I often prefer his stories F&Gm to the Conan tales, as City of GH as initially designed by Gary and myself is more in line with Fritz's concept of Lankhmar. Great stuff.