Thursday, November 4, 2010

Researching Fritz Leiber and Harry O. Fischer: Links

This is a response to Mark's question in the referring article I posted below. I have no answer for the question. Harry Fischer was born and apparently died in Clarksburg, WV, 1986.   Both he and Fritz have WiKi articles written on them.  

Other quick links from my own:  (apparently defunct Science Fiction Society in Huntington, WV where Harry gave a workshop on Fritz/Fritz' writings).  (Fritz Leiber Papers at the Unv. of Texas).  (a wordpress blog with a very interesting associated article from a person who did research on Fritz and Harry for his own thesis publication).  (Great site).

The illustration is from the "Critical Essays" on Fritz, OOP.

Sorry I could not be of more help, Mark.


Endymion said...

Yeah . . . I'm quite the research hound: who'd a thunk Wiki would have something on these guys. I swear -- when I last looked (admittedly a year or two ago) there was nothing on Fischer.

Anyway, thank you Rob. The 1986 date may be about right. "The Mouser Goes Below" first appeared in Whispers in 1987. (That's according to my copy of The Knight and Knave of Swords). Much of the imagery from the story also could relate to a final illness and a hospital stay for Fischer. Who knows. I hope somewhere their adventures continue.

Rob Kuntz said...

Hi Mark: Actually your surmise regarding the matter relates well timing wise as it does in the way that the "Weird Tales Crowd" used to immortalize each other in print, so with this being ostensibly Fritz's best friend (outside of Margo, of course), I would hazard a guess that the fit seems pretty good; corroborating it from his letters at UN. of Texas might be the next step, or other.

Happy to assist. -- RJK