Monday, November 1, 2010

D & D "Origins II Expedition to the Barrier Peaks"

For those interested in such ephemera, a copy of the very rare MS that E. Gary Gygax and I wrote for the Origins II convention tournament was sold yesterday on Ebay.  I estimate that there are still 2-4 more in existence as one each was handed out to those judging this large tournament, plus EGG and I kept ours (mine was since lost).

Here's the referring link, an ending shot, and some photo samples by the seller.

Sold:  $1436.12

Gary went on to expand our concepts into TSR's AD&D adventure of the same name.  I was thanked for my contributions on the front cover matter.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I tip my hat to the collector who won this and others from this seller's auctions. There was an Origins I Tomb of Horrors that went for $1526.01 and an original convention Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth that started at $1000-1200.

There was even a small rust monster sketch, drawn & signed by Gary Gygax that went for $147.50.

I know the winners are very happy this morning.


Anonymous said...
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Rob Kuntz said...

Yeah. Same seller. I didn't what to overload the OP; as well, the link leads you to those items if so directed.

The rust monster illustration by EGG should have gone for more; oh well. Hopefully his estate never sells his semi-amateur, semi-pro oils he did, one a composite of the Twilight Zone TV series opening, another of the Stone Manor in Lake Geneva from the lake side view. They were both pretty darn good.

Timeshadows said...

Great stuff. :D