Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ooh. Looky Here: "Animated Scarecrow Unit"

NOW HERE'S A ROUGH BUNCH!  I like the lower left one with the jack-o-lantern head.  Nathaniel Hawthorne would have been proud!

>>>> http://theminiaturespage.com/news/168189/


Anthony N. Emmel said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing that.

Scarecrows are always overlooked in AD&D it seems to me. In Palladium, they're fearsome demonic creatures though. :) Especially in Rifts.

Rob Kuntz said...

Cool. The 'mancatcher' types seem likely as bottle-openers, too... ;)

Unknown said...

I have used animated scarecrows in a number of my OAD&D games. Good stuff. Scary.

Rob Kuntz said...

Well hello there, Clang, you "old salt". Scarecrows are neat; but the only one I've used in design was in "Dark Chateau," but it did invoke fear even in its unanimated form. :)

Now if we can get a unit of "clowns" fielded, eh? ;)

Glad to see you still around, consider posting more often!--RJK

Anonymous said...

How ironic.
The other night I stumbled upon the Wizard of Oz on TV and watched most of it until the end late at night.
With everything I have been learning these past years, the movie struck me as more profound than ever.

Rob Kuntz said...

Journalizer! Welcome old friend. I do hope all is well on your side of the universe. :)

Yeah, OZ. Getting "home" with brains, heart and courage, with a lot of help from friends. Timeless stuff.

Keep following that star. :)

rafael beltrame said...

oh no, not clows! ó__ò

Chris Kutalik said...

Funny thing is I thought they looked like bottle openers too.